Posting for Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Meetings and Events

VNNC at Van Nuys City Hall

“This will be a very tangible way of bringing people and having them know that their issues can be heard if they come here on a Friday morning periodically, so we really appreciate it, " said Kathy Schreiner, President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council. “And we encourage anyone who is interested in local government to join their local neighborhood council.”  

VNNC at Van Nuys City Hall2024-03-08T17:22:27-08:00

Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan

The Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan, led by the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering, is a community-driven collaborative and historic process that will reimagine the future of the Sepulveda Basin, focusing on natural habitat and nature based solutions, climate resiliency, and recreation and cultural spaces. Submit your comment by December 18.

Sepulveda Basin Vision Plan2024-02-02T14:23:20-08:00