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Hope of the valley van nuys opening

VNNC Gives Homeless a Hand Up

The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council is proud to approve a Neighborhood Purposes Grant to lend a helping hand to Hope of the Valley for their work with formerly homeless persons who are preparing to make a transition to stable housing. The grant will help the agency pay for specific items that will help individuals overcome barriers to finding a job and obtaining housing (such as paying a fee for a driver’s license or credit check).

The grant will benefit residents of A Bridge Home in Van Nuys, which is located at 7700 Van Nuys Blvd near the Amtrak Station. This City-sponsored shelter (see photo above), which opened in August 2020 and is operated by Hope of the Valley, provides a full array of homeless services including meals, bedroom cubicles, showers, dog kennels/dog run, mental and physical health services, job training, substance abuse counseling and much more. It is intended as a one stop location to help persons who are ready to accept temporary housing work to rebuild their lives.

Hope of the Valley is a non profit relying on donations, thrift store donations & sales and community volunteers. Find out how you can get involved:

Meet the Candidates

Meet the Candidates

Replay one of the candidate forums and read candidate statements below.

May 7, 2021 Candidate Forum

April 29, 2021 Candidate Forum

Resident Representative Zone 1: 1 Seat

Glen Makiri


Me gustaría servir a todos en esta comunidad diversa, incluyendo a los hispanoparlantes. Tengo mucha pasión por ayudar a los demás. As a social worker, I will bring my advocacy skills to our community stakeholders, putting my values into action, immersed amongst likeminded peers. My objectives are to work closely with city government and the community to bring attention to the needs of the residents of Van Nuys, such as: access to public green spaces, public transportation projects, affordable housing and neighbourhood beautification projects. I was raised in the SFV and am currently employed with L.A. County. In my first professional job, I worked with members of the Latinx community and their families, affected by HIV/AIDS. Later, I worked as a Homeless Services Director, leading a staff of 10. From 2012-15, I served as Secretary on an Advisory Committee seeking to develop senior housing for the LGBTQ community. I have many passions and value serving my community.

Michael Browning

Michael BrowningI’ve lived in Van Nuys for 10 years and love my neighborhood near Valley Pres. I have been the President of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council since December after the former President stepped down. I joined the Council because they could not help me solve a community problem and I pledged to get things done. I have done just that: Spearheaded our effort to advocate for monitor the revitalization of the Van Nuys Recreational Center; worked diligently to help our Council meet City requirements to self-govern; worked to ensure that Van Nuys receives its share of homeless tax resources; the Neighborhood Watch organizer; worked with LAPD and the Councilwoman’s office to get rid of that homeless city south of Sherman Way; Community Police Advisory Board member; helping the Council set standards and protocols to be more effective and meet the needs of our residents, businesses, and stakeholders. I am a public health professional and volunteer as many hours as possible. USC Trojan! Unity Now.

Tony B. Roulhac

Engaged with my community, I looked forward to serving the community.




Resident Representative Zone 3: 1 Seat

Jeffrey Dunn

Jeffrey DunnI am running for neighborhood council to help bring our community together and to improve the quality of our lives. To me this means a lot of things – creating a safe environment for our kids; cleaning our streets; helping the homeless find a decent place to live; reducing petty crime such as trespassing and theft; improving our blighted areas to something we can all be proud of, and many other things. I have spent a 25-year career working with elected officials and business leaders to effect positive change at the federal, state and local levels. I will endeavor to do the same on the neighborhood council to expand resident equity, inclusion, diversity and collaboration in all our policies.

Robert Edmiston

Robert EdmistonAs a member of neighborhood council, I will ensure the NC does all it can to find solutions to the many problems our neighborhood and city are facing.



At-Large Resident Representative Seat 1: 1 Seat

Kibwe Trim

Hi my name is Kibwe Trim and I am a former professional basketball player. I am originally from Trinidad and Tobago. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology at Sacred Heart University while being an Academic All American and a First Team All Conference Player. After graduation I went on to play 10 years professionally. I am the founder of The DreamChaser International Foundation, which is a 501 c 3 non profit foundation that provides tutoring, mentoring and financial aid to young people doing exceptionally well in the classroom as well as in their discipline of choice. I am also a published author and have written a book titled “From Nerd To Pro.” I am a paid motivational speaker and have spoken to youth audiences as well as corporate audiences locally and internationally. My goal is to be a vessel of change and advancement in my community and I am passionate in leaving a better world behind for my daughter and young people that are the future of our nation.

Mayra Todd

Mayra ToddConcidero que califico para un puesto en el concilio de Van Nuys porque soy una persona que me gusta ver por mi comunidad. Tengo una organizacion para mujeres victimas de violencia domestica y tambien me tomo el tiempo para darle de comer a los desamparados y no solo eso tambien me paso llamando para que recojan los muebles de nuestro vecindarrio. Necesitamos una comunidad trabajando de la mano con la ciudad de Los Angeles y Van Nuys para mantener nuestras ciudades libres del maltrofico y mantenimiento de calles limpias.

Damaris Macias

Damaris MaciasHello, I am Damaris Macias. Currently, I have the honor to represent in the Non-Profit seat and was voted in as Parliamentarian on the Van Nuys City Council (VNNC). During my short time on the City Council, I assisted in running meetings, supported/denied important items on our agenda, and helped co-chair the Public Safety Committee. Due to recent changes in rules, I am now running for the At-Large Resident Representative seat. Being re-elected would allow me to run for a seat on the Board, advocate for the community as well as the issues that are important to you, and finish the goals the VNNC started. I began serving on the City Council because of the adversity that I have personally faced, overcame, and wanted to see change. I have been fortuitous enough to have a voice and to pay my blessing forward. Although we all have different views, the love we share for the Heart of the Valley–our home–unites us. I will continue to stand up for Van Nuys and for YOU. Vote Macias, Thank You.

Danielle Rouillard

Danielle RouillardHomeownership is so much more than a mortgage. It is the pride you put into the feel of your home, and the pride that you put into your community. As a homeowner in Van Nuys, my pride for where I live goes beyond the bounds of my property line and flows over into the streets of our town. I love Van Nuys. I grew up in various parts of LA, but with the scent of orange trees in the air, the diverse set of delicious (and affordable!) restaurants, and the historic neighborhood feel, I instantly knew this was home. We are so much more than what they show on TV shows like Bosch. We are more than the homeless population, the police sirens, and the never-ending boom of fireworks. I want to be a part of changing that perception from the inside out. I want to grow our opportunities without changing the heart of who we are. We are worth more. We are worth clean streets, safe environments, and a thriving culture. Please, help me be a positive voice for the people of our community on the VNNC.

At-Large Residential Renter Representative Seat 1: 1 Seat

Haille Trimboli

Haille TrimboliHello, my name is Haille Trimboli, I was raised in Sacramento, CA and received my Bachelors Degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration. After working as an event manager I went back to school to become an educator. I received my Masters Degree in Teaching from Bushnell University. I’m in my 6th year of teaching and currently teach 4th grade and 7th grade ELA. Education is a powerful tool to unlock personal potential, capabilities, and gifts. Every human is equipped with unique gifts and education’s goal should be to help this shine bright within each learner. This is my goal as a leader as well, to help individuals find their spark and let it shine for all to see. Living in the Van Nuys community near my sister, brother in law, and nieces is such a joy. We are in a time of great turning in society and my hope is to come alongside a team of others in this area to bring light to social justice, environmental concerns, and other needs amongst members in the community.

Sarah Janelle

Sarah JanelleI moved to Van Nuys four years ago from New Hampshire. I will always remember my first drive down Van Nuys Boulevard and feeling that this is where I belonged. I immediately fell in love with the neighborhood and I can see the potential that Van Nuys has to offer. I would be proud to represent the renters in the community and feel that I have the motivation to take action.


Commercial Business Owner or Employee Representative Seat 1: 1 Seat

Hakop ” Jack” Azatyan

Hello, my name is Hakop “Jack” Azatyan and I currently serve the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council as the Commercial Business Owner Representative Seat 3. I am a native of Van Nuys, where I was born and raised. I attended the local public schools from K-12 and grew up in our family-owned business here in the heart of Van Nuys. Now more than ever, small businesses need the proper resources to navigate through our current and post Covid-19 realities. I will champion these efforts and ensure our local businesses obtain the necessary assistance they may need. I welcome the opportunity to serve my community and contribute in any way I am able to. Given my deep connection and familiarity with Van Nuys, I believe I will make an exceptional candidate for this position. Thank you for your consideration.

Non-Profit Community Organization or Service Club Rep Seat 1: 1 Seat

Myrra Bolla

Myrra BollaI have been resident of Van Nuys for 35 years. I see how my neighborhood is expanding and becoming busy and more interesting. I would like to represent interest of residents to continue the work of those before me to better all areas of my neighborhood .



Religious Institution Representative: 1 Seat

John Camera

I am campaigning for re-election as a religious institution board member. I appreciate all the contacts I’ve made since my first time as a VNNC elected official. I try my best to help the communities, churches and nonprofits of Van Nuys. I ask you humbly for my vote



Youth Representative

Lilian Macias

Lilian MaciasMy name is Lillian Macias, I am 16-years-old, and was born and raised in Van Nuys. Currently, I am the youngest Youth Representative on the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC), running for the 2021 election Youth Representative seat. I have faced much adversity, but my hardships aren’t what qualify me–my resiliency does. During the months I have contributed to the VNNC, I can proudly admit that I have attended every City Council meeting and have greatly expanded my knowledge of the needs in Van Nuys. Additionally, I joined the Public Safety Committee as a Co-Chair and have been determined to dedicating my time for the safety of the Van Nuys residents. However, the Public Safety Committee is new, so it would be beneficial that I am re-elected to ensure the future of it. This is only the beginning; I will advocate for the issues that will benefit our youth. My commitment is to help guide this future generation towards a positive direction with the best of my abilities. Vote MACIAS!

Senior Representative

John Hendry

John HendryRemember the GALS School on Valerio!!!!!! A small victory in the “Battle of Van Nuys”!!!! The unity of a neighborhood “fights the good fight” because they do. And it’s your battle—it’s everybody’s battle. Schools parachuted into neighborhoods—six story apartment buildings; your street full of parked cars because The City allows the apartment building “cheat” on parking. And it won’t get better. Van Nuys, “America’s suburb” in the 1950’s,faces massive construction on Van Nuys Bl, and an “Light rail”so street-cramping you’ll never drive to WAL*MART again. “Van Nuys” like “NoHo”.?? Thousands of little decisions till then. I’ve been a member of VNNC since2009–I want to do more. Come walk VN Bl with me—I give “Van Nuys tours”. Let’ talk about it.

Ann Kalb Kip

Ann Kalb KipI was born and raised in Los Angeles. I grew up in West Hollywood but we would go to Van Nuys to shop, eat, movies etc… It was a thriving area. I would like to work on getting a real Farmers Market in Van Nuys. I have successfully made my block be a safer place by getting Speed Bumps put in. I’m not sure the Light Rail will improve the area. I’m not sure new apartment buildings will improve the area. I hope the VNNC and the public and the politicians will work together.


East SF Valley Rail Work

Metro Work On Van Nuys Blvd

Metro provides notice that they will be doing utility exploratory excavations along Van Nuys Bl and local cross streets March 4-27. Utility exploratory excavations include potholing, trenching, saw cutting, jackhammering, and pavement restoration.

Utility Exploration

Metro will perform small excavations to confirm the location of utilities and other underground structures that may be located under the East San Fernando Valley Light Rail Transit alignment. The work will continue until the end of Summer 2021.

Approved work hours are:

  • Weekdays from March 4 to March 25, 2021. Work Hours: 8pm to 6am
  • Weekends from March 6 to March 27, 2021. Work Hours: Saturdays from 8am to 6pm

Work will occur intermittently at various street intersections. Due to this activity:

  • Van Nuys Bl may be reduced to one lane in each direction at the identified intersections. The bike lane will be shared with the vehicular lane.
  • Left turn lanes will be prohibited at identified intersections northbound and southbound on Van Nuys Bl.
  • Curb lane parking may be prohibited on Van Nuys Bl between the identified intersections.

The schedule below reflects the work on the intersections along Van Nuys Bl.

  • March 4: Sylvan St, Calvert St, and Gilmore St
  • March 6: Between Kittridge St/Archwood St
  • March 8 and 9: Vose St, and Gault St
  • March 10: Vose St
  • Marth 11: Delano St, Hart St, and Erwin St
  • March 13 and 15: Between Harland St/Hart St, and Between Kittridge St/Archwood St
  • March 16 and 17: Between Hartland St/Hart St
  • March 18: Friar St, and Between Kittridge St/Archwood St
  • March 20: Between Haynes St/Kittridge St, and Wyandotte St to Valerio St
  • March 22: Vose St, and Gault St
  • March 23: Haynes St, and Kittridge St
  • March 24 and 25: Between Wyandotte St/Valerio St
  • March 27: Aetna St, and Bessemer St

Full notice

United for small business

PPE Unite for Small Businesses

PPE Unite – Distribution of California Personal Protective Equipment in Support of Small Businesses finally comes to the San Fernando Valley

Through a joint State/County initiative, a program currently known as PPE Unite will be distributing, free of charge, PPE items for small businesses (100 employees or less) throughout the County. The materials covered will be face masks (surgical), hand sanitizer, and face shields (30 day supply as of this initial phase). Allocation of items will be based on employee headcount, which will be self-certified.

Businesses can go to and fill out the application to move onto the “My PPE Booking” page. From there, they can schedule a time and date to pick up their allotted PPE items (face masks (surgical), face shields, and hand sanitizer).

PPE Unite organizers have expanded distribution operations to serve the Valley and surrounding communities through a new facility in Chatsworth. The pick up location for businesses in the San Fernando Valley and Northern Los Angeles County area is at a warehouse facility currently located at 21350 Lassen St, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

Distribution is on a first come, first serve, so operations will continue until supplies are exhausted. Self-employed, independent contractors and independent franchisees are also encouraged to apply.

Artsakh flag

VNNC Stands in Solidarity with the Armenian People

The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council voted at our November 18, 2020 Meeting to issue a Community Impact Statement in solidarity with the Armenian People. The full statement is:

Van Nuys is a home away from home to thousands of Armenian-American residents and numerous businesses, which contribute to the well-being of our community on a daily basis.

The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council stands with the Los Angeles City Council in support of our Armenian neighbors, families, coworkers, stakeholders, business owners, and friends to
strongly condemn Azerbaijan’s egregious attacks against the Republic of Artsakh (also known as Nagorno-Karabakh). The VNNC offers our deepest condolences to the people of Armenia and Artsakh. They bravely defended their homeland against Azerbaijan and Turkish-backed foreign mercenaries, facing devastating drone attacks, and enduring atrocities committed by Azeri forces. We stand with Armenia and Artsakh and reaffirm our continued support for Armenia’s democratic government and Artsakh’s right to self-determination.

We urge the United States to immediately re-engage in the Minsk Group process, revisiting an agreement signed without the participation or consent of two of the three OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries – the U.S. and France. We also call upon the U.S. to condemn Azerbaijani and Turkish aggression and to sanction their regimes for war crimes.

We have heard our Armenian-American citizens as they cry out for change and visibility and we stood with them as they advocated peacefully for an end to the conflict. We will not sit by silently as our neighbors grieve while the human rights are being violated among their people by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Liberty and the right to self-determination are core American values and the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council has a moral obligation to stand up and speak out on behalf of the Armenian-American citizens of Van Nuys and their people who lost innocent lives and are being displaced from their home by the tens of thousands.

The VNNC also acknowledges the Armenian Genocide as a matter of American foreign policy and we recognize the 1915 genocide of over 1.5 million Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire. This is a fact, one on which there is no debate. The facts of the genocide were recorded in real time by US diplomats who watched the slaughter in horror. It is unfortunate that presidents from both parties, have issued statements that describe the facts of genocide, but stop short of calling it what it was. The denial of the genocide is an enduring wound to the Armenian people who descended from survivors to build lives here in the United States, in Armenia, and around the world.

For far too long, Turkey has been allowed to exercise a veto on the U.S. government’s recognition of the genocide. The U.S. government, rather than supporting Turkey’s denials, should pressure Turkey to come to terms with its past. A just resolution of the Armenian Genocide would decrease regional tensions, open the door to improved Armenia-Turkey relations, and contribute to an end to the cycle of genocide.

Despite the war waged by Azerbaijan and Turkey in Artsakh, Armenians around the world are one step closer to justice as the Library of Congress announced on October 21, 2020 that it will recognize the Armenian Genocide by amending the catalog entry which previously referred to the Armenian “massacre.” This change comes after both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation recognizing the facts of the Armenian Genocide in 2019.

This change is a significant and important one, a further step in overcoming the decades- long campaign of denial that has silenced too many about this dark period of history. And this decision takes on greater importance because of current events. The genocide of a century ago feels all too present for so many families as Azerbaijan and Turkey committed atrocities in Artsakh and Armenia today. Recognizing genocide is not simply a historic issue, it is a message to Presidents Aliyev and Erdogan that this issue will not be silenced.

Although this Community Impact Statement is non-binding, we do not want to see history repeated and urge the American government to intervene. The VNNC stands in solidarity with the Armenian community in Van Nuys, far and wide.

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