Please note: All meetings are held online due to the pandemic.

Executive: 1st Monday of every month (or 10 days prior to the meeting at 6:30 P.M.)
Sets the agenda for board meetings, receives requests, and assigns tasks.
Kathy Schreiner, President
Suju Vijayan, Vice President
Jennifer Febre, Treasurer
John Hendry, Secretary
Myrra Bolla,  Parliamentarian

Budget & Finance: 4th Monday of every month at 7:00 P.M.
Deals with Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC) budgetary issues.
Jennifer Febre, Chair
Committee Members: Kathy Schreiner, Hokop Azatyan, Matt Wayne, Britt Vaughan

Education: 2nd Monday
David Harari, Chair
Committee Members: Hakop Azatyan, Kathy Schreiner, Suju Vijayan

Government Relations/Rules & Bylaws: 3rd Monday
Deals with citywide issues, council files, actions of city officials and departments, bylaws, rules and regulations, policies and procedures.
Myrra Bolla, Chair
Committee Members: Mike Browning, Kibwe Trim, Britt Vaughn

Human Services: Meeting held 1st Wednesday, 6pm
Our goal is to educate, engage and empower the Van Nuys community on issues and solutions around homelessness and mental illness.
Thela Thatch, Chair
Committee Members: Richard Marks, Kathy Schreiner, Suju Vijayan

Outreach: 4th Tuesday
Deals with outreach to inform the VNNC community about board meetings, elections, committee meetings, projects and
special events, e.t.c.
Michael Browning, Chair
Committee Members: Danielle Rouillard, Kibwe Trim, Glen Makiri, David Harari

Parks, Open Space & Environment: 3rd Thursday
Deals with issues concerning children and youth, park programs, facilities and playgrounds in the VNNC area and environment/sustainability issues.
Kathy Schreiner Chair
Committee Members: Hakop Azatyan, John Camera, John Hendry. Stakeholders: Michelle Gregory, Quirino de la Cuesta

Planning & Land Use Management: 4th Thursday
Deals with planning, zoning and land use issues that affect the VNNC community, including proposals for new projects, zoning changes and variances, proposals for tenant improvement (T.I.) construction, building improvements and special uses, development of new business etc.
Kathy Schreiner, Interim Chair
Committee Members: Brian Edelman, Jennifer Febre, John Hendry, Richard Marks.
Stakeholders: Quirino de la Cuesta, Jeff Lynn