Published May 6, 2014

In December, EmpowerLA with other neighborhood council representatives had the opportunity to sit in on Professor Ong’s Urban Planning class at UCLA as students presented their neighborhood profiles, finished products of the neighborhood analyses they conducted in collaboration with seven Neighborhood Councils, including Van Nuys neighborhood.

We promised to share these great profiles with you, and we are excited to present them as PDFs here for you to peruse online. Students created these in-depth reports using the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of the Census and collecting information from the field through partnerships with seven Neighborhood Councils.

The presentations include historical background on each of the communities as well as detailed analysis of demographic composition, socioeconomic status, housing characteristics, the local economy, and other local features.
In each study, the presentations conclude with recommendations for the Neighborhood Council on how to maximize their positive impact on their community. Neighborhood Councils now have a data-driven reference to inform their work and gain an accurate picture of their neighborhood from a variety of angles.

“I am so impressed by the caliber of the students’ work,” said Grayce Liu, General Manager of EmpowerLA. She listened in on the presentations in December and sees great value in the partnership between UCLA graduate students and Neighborhood Councils.

“I think this asset mapping is essential for all Neighborhood Councils, and I hope to find the resources to create such profiles for all of the Neighborhood Councils.”

Thank you UCLA students Jenny Chhea and Daisy Miguel for doing the report on the Van Nuys neighborhood from the Van Nuys Neighborhood Coucil.

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