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Free Bulky Item Drop Off

Free Bulky Item Drop Off

LA Sanitation is offering six (6) Saturdays: (4/22/17, 5/20/17, 6/17/17, 9/16/17, 10/14/17, 11/18/17) from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. for City of Los Angeles residents to drop off their bulky items at five (5) different locations throughout Los Angeles. Residents must present proof of residency by providing their most current LADWP bill along with a state-issued driver’s license or state identification.

For more information about the free drop off events or residential curbside collection of bulky items at your home or apartment, please call 311 or use the MyLA311 app for smart phones; or call LA Sanitation Customer Care Center at 1-800-773-2489.

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City Council Passes Zero Waste LA Program

City Council Passes Zero Waste LA Program

Zero Waste LA is a new public private partnership designed to address the 3-million tons of waste disposed annually by businesses, consumers and residents. This innovative franchise system establishes a waste and recycling collection program for all commercial, industrial, and large multifamily customers in the City of Los Angeles.

The program, which Councilmembers Paul Koretz and José Huizar introduced as a motion in 2010 and worked on during Huizar’s time as Chair of the Energy & Environment committee, will also ensure fair pricing, improve service and working conditions and help us meet our zero waste goals for Los Angeles. Councilmember Nury Martinez helped usher this long-working policy as an advocate and the recently appointed chair of the E&E committee.

While 70% of L.A.’s waste comes from commercial and apartment buildings, this new program aims to reduce landfill disposal by 1 million tons per year by 2025 and reduce waste by 65% in all 11 of the City’s new service zones! The program will also decrease food waste and provide all Angelenos with Blue Bin access, no matter where they live or work.

Zero Waste LA Goals:
The franchise system and its agreements include these environmental outcomes and service mandates:

  • Reduction of landfill disposal by 1,000,000 tons per year by 2025;
  • Transparent and predictable solid waste and recycling service rates for the next 10-20 years;
  • Quality customer service standards with LASAN monitoring and enforcement;
  • Franchise hauler accountability for program outcomes and customer satisfaction through a series of measures implemented by LASAN, up to and including liquidated damages;
  • Compliance with environmental regulations, including mandatory commercial and organics recycling;
  • Investment of over $200 million in new and improved solid resources infrastructure;
  • Clean fuel vehicles; and
  • Decrease and recycling of food waste, and increase in food rescue.

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City of Los Angeles Offers Free Recycled Water for Irrigation

City of Los Angeles Offers Free Recycled Water for Irrigation

Recycled Water Fill Station at LA Zoo Opens

LOS ANGELES—The Honorable Councilmember David Ryu of the 4th District, along with officials from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LA SAN), and the Los Angeles Zoo (LA Zoo) announced the opening of the City of Los Angeles’ Recycled Water Fill Station at the LA Zoo on Friday, June 17th, 2016. Every Tuesday beginning June 21st, the fill station will be open to all eligible Los Angeles residents and business owners who want to pick up free disinfected tertiary recycled water for approved, non-drinking uses like watering trees, shrubs and lawns. The City of Los Angeles’ Recycled Water Fill Station pilot program helps “Save the Drop” by offering recycled water to offset demand for drinking water as Los Angeles continues to weather through drought.

The fill station is located on the northernmost side of the LA Zoo parking lot at 5333 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, and will be open every Tuesday from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. starting June 21. Qualifying customers can receive up to 300 gallons of disinfected tertiary recycled water for each day that the fill station is open. To avail of the recycled water, Angelenos must present their LADWP bill and undergo a training session to learn about the approved uses and proper handling of recycled water. Program participants must bring their own water-tight containers and sign a user agreement before filling up.

Councilmember David Ryu said, “Due to existing efforts, LA is using just as much water today as we did 45 years ago, despite having a million more people. Everyone is doing their part to conserve water and our efforts are admirable, but we need to come together to do even more.” He added, “Nearly 90 percent of the city’s water is imported from hundreds of miles away. In order to lessen our reliance on imported water, the city is expanding and building its local water supply. This is being done through the expansion of stormwater capture, groundwater, and recycled water. The Recycled Water Fill Station at the Los Angeles Zoo will only help further our city’s conservation efforts.”

“Angelenos are doing their part to conserve water in the midst of a punishing drought. But we can always do more,” said Mayor Garcetti. “By providing residents and businesses with free recycled water this summer, we can give our trees and yards the water they need and continue to Save the Drop.”

“LADWP and our city partners are excited to make recycled water more accessible and more familiar to all our customers,” said Marty Adams, LADWP Senior Assistant General Manager for the Water System. “Opening this recycled water fill station not only promotes local water supplies and drives down our reliance on imported water, but it also helps our customers save on their water bill. If you have the ability to drive to the LA Zoo parking lot and pick up free water to irrigate your trees and lawns, come right over.” He added, “As William Mulholland said, there it is, take it!”

“Getting recycled water within reach of potential users is paramount, said Enrique Zaldivar, Director of LA Sanitation. “This recycled water fill station, centrally located at the LA Zoo, will provide public access to advanced, disinfected, tertiary-treated recycled water, for landscape irrigation.”

The LA Zoo is a prime location for a recycled water fill station because of its proximity and access to existing purple pipe. The fill station at the LA Zoo parking lot receives recycled water from the LA-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, just on the other side of the 5 Freeway from the zoo.

John Lewis, LA Zoo Director, says, “The Los Angeles Zoo is committed to the conservation of natural resources demonstrated by our stormwater capturing parking lot, the installation of Electric Vehicle charging stations, and now participating in this pilot program to provide citizens one more way to reduce their use of potable water.” He added, “The Zoo encourages neighbors and residents in the region to take advantage of this resource to conserve water now and in the future.”

Recycled water is wastewater that has been processed through primary, secondary and tertiary treatment and disinfected with chlorine. It meets the strict standards and safety regulations of the State Water Resources Control Board and is safe for all human contact except for drinking.

The Recycled Water Fill Station Pilot Program will soon expand with the opening of another fill station at the LA-Glendale Water Reclamation Plant, where customers can also fill up on weekends.

For more information about the City of Los Angeles’ Recycled Water Fill Station and to sign up for a training session to be eligible to receive free recycled water, visit

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Estevan Montemayor, Office of Councilmember David Ryu,

Ellen Cheng, LADWP,

Heather Johnson, LA SAN,

Darryl Pon, LA Zoo,

Mayor Honors Sanitation Workers with First Civic Innovation Award


Mayor Eric Garcetti on Monday recognized city sanitation workers for switching from using paper maps to a smartphone app designed to help with daily route navigation and speed up responses to trash collection requests.

The first of several Mayor’s Civic Innovation Awards that Garcetti plans to give to city departments was presented to the Bureau of Sanitation’s SAN STAR team, which is using a mapping application designed by software company Esri for Android and iOS devices.

The team is currently using Esri’s Collector app in South Los Angeles and expects to take it citywide by next summer.

The SAN STAR team “decided that city government should operate just like the rest of us do in our daily lives,” Garcetti said. “That’s exactly the type of innovation, and common sense, that we need to solve our city’s toughest problems.”

Bureau of Sanitation General Manager Enrique Zaldivar said his “drivers are on the front line of serving our city every day, and knew better than anyone how to fix a problem — stemming from our antiquated technology — to help us do our jobs faster and smarter.”

“It’s an honor for the sanitation department’s SAN STAR team to receive the very first Mayor’s Civic Innovation Award,” he said.

The free phone app is being used for answering requests to clear alleys and pick up bulky items, e-waste and other trash. It shows the sanitation drivers their daily routes and allows them to edit, update and share information with bureau headquarters and fellow drivers.

City officials said the app hel

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