Hope of the valley van nuys opening

VNNC Gives Homeless a Hand Up

The Van Nuys Neighborhood Council is proud to approve a Neighborhood Purposes Grant to lend a helping hand to Hope of the Valley for their work with formerly homeless persons who are preparing to make a transition to stable housing. The grant will help the agency pay for specific items that will help individuals overcome barriers to finding a job and obtaining housing (such as paying a fee for a driver’s license or credit check).

The grant will benefit residents of A Bridge Home in Van Nuys, which is located at 7700 Van Nuys Blvd near the Amtrak Station. This City-sponsored shelter (see photo above), which opened in August 2020 and is operated by Hope of the Valley, provides a full array of homeless services including meals, bedroom cubicles, showers, dog kennels/dog run, mental and physical health services, job training, substance abuse counseling and much more. It is intended as a one stop location to help persons who are ready to accept temporary housing work to rebuild their lives.

Hope of the Valley is a non profit relying on donations, thrift store donations & sales and community volunteers. Find out how you can get involved: