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Election Results

The official election results were released on May 26th and are shown below.
Congratulations to the new people who will join the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council in July:

  • Jeffrey Dunn (Resident Rep Zone 3)
  • Kibwe Trim (At-Large Resident Rep Seat 1)
  • Haille Trimboli (At Large Residential Renter Rep Seat 1)
  • Myrra Bolla (Non-Profit Rep Seat 1)

Congratulations to current Council members who will each start a new term in July:

  • Mike Browning (Resident Rep Zone 1)
  • Hakop “Jack” Azatyan (Commercial Business Owner Seat 1)
  • John Camera (Religious Institution Rep)
  • Lillian Macias (Youth Rep)
  • John Hendry (Senior Rep)

A big thank you to everyone who participated. As discussed at Candidate Forums, we hope that everyone who ran in these elections will join in the work of the VNNC — through participation on a committee, help with events, making public comments at meetings, and other opportunities that will arise.

Official VNNC election results

election results