Mobile Vaccination Sites

Mobile Vaccination News

The Office of Council President Nury Martinez will be having another mobile vaccination site this week for Council District 6 residents in Panorama City. The LA County opened up eligibility starting March 1st for Food & Agriculture workers, Emergency Service workers, and the Education and Childcare sector.

The mobile vaccination site will be in Panorama City this week Tuesday – Saturday and you can call our offices to make an appointment at 818-778-4999 or 818-771-0236.

Please check below to see if you are eligible for vaccination. In order to be vaccinated, you will need to show:

Proof of identity, and
Proof that you live or work in LA County, and
Proof that you are in one of the eligible groups.

Food & Agriculture Workers:

Restaurant workers
Food manufacturing workers
Grocery store workers
Pharmacy worker
Animal agriculture workers including those involved in veterinary health
Farm workers
Food and Agriculture-associated Port and transportation workers

Emergency Service Workers:

Police/law enforcement officers
National Security
Corrections officers and workers
Courts/Legal Counsel & Prosecution staff who are required to be in-person at court routinely and interact with clients in correctional facilities.
Includes judges and court administrators/staff, and staff who work in the Public Defender’s Office, Alternate Public Defender, District Attorney’s Office
Campus and school police
Rehabilitation and Re-entry
Federal law enforcement agencies
Police, Fire and Ambulance Dispatchers
Security staff to maintain building access control and physical security measures
DCFS, APS (workers physically responding to abuse and neglect of children, elderly and dependent adults)

Early Childhood Education and Childcare Sector:

License and license-exempt CHILD CARE service providers (Infants, Pre-
Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten)
Public Schools (K-12)
Independent Schools
Charter Schools
Contracted Educational Support Staff
Junior Colleges
Colleges & Universities