VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting – August 16 @ 6:30 pm – Van Nuys Police Station

Van Nuys Community Clean up

Joint Board and VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee
Meeting Agenda

August 16, 2017 (Wednesday 6:30- 9:30 pm)

Van Nuys Community Police Station

6240 Sylmar Ave. Conference room

Van Nuys, CA 91401

I. WELCOMING REMARKS: (10 minutes)
a. Call to order
b. Pledge of allegiance
c. Committee roll call


III. PRESENTATIONS: (10 minutes)
a. None
a. Review and adoption of minutes


A. Discussion and Possible Action. 7002-7004 Van Nuys Blvd. Mixed Use Development, Vesting Zoning Change. Requesting to allow a zoning change from [T][Q] C2-1L to RAS4-1L to permit new construction for a 170-unit mixed used development. Case no#: CPC-2017-0737. (Zachary Andrews/ three6ixty.) Supporting Docs: 7004 Van Nuys EAF7004 Van Nuys Final Plans 7004 Van Nuys Findings_vF 7004 Van Nuys MLU 7004 Van Nuys SPR

B. Discussion and Possible Action. 15130 Vanowen Street, Conversion and legalization of 3 units for habitable use. Requesting to allow the conversion and legalization of an existing (e) recreation room into one unit, (e) manager’s office room into one unit and (e) storage room into one unit. Case no#: ZA-2017-587-ZV. (Joseph Pazcoguin/ Plan and Permit Inc.) Supporting Docs.: Arch Drawings16062017 Justification Letter16062017 MLU16062017 Photoboard16062017 Vin Map16062017

C. (Correction) Discussion and Possible Action. 6001 Van Nuys Blvd, Auto Dealership, Conditional Use Permit. Seeks to demolish approximately 48,530 sq. ft. of an existing building complex and associated improvements for the construction, use, and maintenance of an auto dealership. Case no#: ZA-2017-2278CU-WDI (Brad Rosenheim/ Brad Rosenheim and Associates Inc.) Supporting Docs.: Attachment A – Background Info – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 Final  Attachment B – Entitlement Requests – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 FinalAttachment C – CUP Findings – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 Final Attachment D – WDI Findings – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 Final DCP Application – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 FinalEAF – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 Final Photo Exhibit – Keyes Honda VN – 6-8-2017 Plans – Keyes Honda VN – 6-1-2017 Radius Map – Keyes Honda VN – 1-11-2017 Vicinity Map – Keyes Honda VN – 1-11-2017 ZIMAS Report – Keyes Honda VN – 6-6-2017

D. Discussion and Possible Action. 6367 Van Nuys Blvd, Tenant Improvement/ CDO Design Review, Requesting to allow a new design of the front facade of an existing retail unit under the Community Design District Overlay Zone (CDO) for Van Nuys Blvd. Case no#: DIR-2017-3075-CDO. (Rueben E, Jacobs) Supporting Docs.: COLOR-A-Van Nuys-A3.0-Facade Info-Site Photos

E. Update, Discussion and Possible Action. 6705-6719 Sepulveda Blvd., Small Lot Sub-division, To allow the subject property to build 32 small lot sub-division homes. Case no#: not available at this time (Armin Gharai/ GA Engineering.)

F. Update, Discussion and Possible Action. Proposed bus service routes of DASH. The discussion will be on the proposed routes of LADOT DASH service within the Van Nuys jurisdiction which includes a presentation from LADOT, questions and answers, recommendation to the board and vote for the next General Meeting. (PLUM Committee Board member Jerry Martin and Jason Ackerman). Supporting Docs: Proposed DASH route



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