Place It! Interactive Community Planning Workshop at Van Nuys. March 26, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

08-04-james-rojas-exhibition-rethink-l-a-ad-museum-dscn1202-13Van Nuys Neighborhood Council is hosting an interactive community planning workshop called PLACE IT for the Van Nuys Community on March 26, starting at 3:30 pm, prior to the Planning Summit @ 6:00 pm.

PLACE IT is the brainchild of urban planner James Rojas, a East Los Angeles native, who goes to different communities around the world to get people to engage in planning with public participation. James is also the person who coined the term Latino Urbanism in his lectures by explaining how Latinos are changing the vernacular of their own neighborhoods.

PLACE IT! is a design- and participation-based urban planning practice founded by urban planner James Rojas that uses model-building workshops and on-site interactive models to help engage the public in the planning and design process.

Through the PLACE IT! process participants are able to learn about the role of planning and design in shaping how we live, and to translate their dreams and ideas into physical forms and models. From these physical results and their accompanying stories we can generate plans, drawings, and policy recommendations for municipalities, NGOs, and elected officials.

Here is a short video of Place It on rethinking Glendale Blvd. in the Echo Park area.

We are encouraging students, stakeholders and officials to take part of the workshop. The workshop is planned to have 30 people to participate in the workshop but everyone is invited.