P1000362Van Nuys Planning Summit Agenda (VNNC)

Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Special Council Meeting

March 26th, 2015 (Thursday, 6:00 – 9:30pm)

Marvin Braude Constituent Services Center, Council Chambers

6262 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys, CA 91401

  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance of the United States.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum call)
  3. Comments of the Chair (President and Co-Chair of the PLUM Committee) of the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council
  4. No Public Comment prior for the special event.
  5. New Business:
    • A. Introduction of the First Inaugural Van Nuys Planning Summit.
      1. Introduction from Van Nuys Stakeholder Andy Hurvitz (Here in Van Nuys). Hurvitz is a screenwriter, actor and blogger whose blog “Here in Van Nuys” addresses issues that pertain to Van Nuys, but not necessarily about Van Nuys. The subjects in his blog address concerns for his neighborhood, historical references, photo essays, personal reflections and short stories. His comments on the current state of the Van Nuys, and Los Angeles in general, reflect his interest and love for his adopted area and city, along with recommendations for improving the area.
      2. Matti Asgarian – VNNC Board Member, Renter at Large, will inform about California’s climate laws that impact land-use and mandate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
    • B. History
      1. Rudy Ortega – Tribal PresidentTongva Indian Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians – Native History and Culture. Ortega will speak on behalf of the Mission Indians about their history and organization in the San Fernando Valley, explaining the importance of preserving and educating the local native culture of the San Fernando Valley, and extending information to the public.
      2. VNNC Board Member John Hendry – Brief History of Van Nuys. Hendry will speak a brief history of not only Van Nuys, but the San Fernando Valley. He has been a member of Van Nuys Neighborhood Council for eight years—a Van Nuys native since 1957. His civic interest was piqued by his father, who was a City building inspector in Van Nuys for 30 years. Now a USPS employee, Hendry has deep interests in Valley history and politics.
      3. Tommy Gelinas – Founder and Curator– Valley Relics – Postcards from the Valley. Tommy is the owner and curator of San Fernando Valley Relics Museum—a non-profit organization—that boasts the largest of its kind collection of historical artifacts pertaining to the San Fernando Valley, including: rare documents, photographs, vintage neon signs, art, automobiles, bicycles and more. He was born in Burbank California, raised in various areas of the Valley, where he and his wife have now raised their 4 children. One of Tommy’s dreams was not only to preserve and protect our local history but to open a museum to showcase the collection.
      4. Ken Bernstein—Principal City Planner, Director for the Office of Historic Resources – HPOZ, Historic L.A. – Preservation. Ken Bernstein oversees the Policy Planning and Historic Resources Division in the Los Angeles City area. He created a virtual database, called “Survey LA,” in coordination with The Getty Conservation Institute, that allows residents to be involved in planning and policy. It gathers information and reports on the historical relevance of structures and places within the area. It helps keep information on property that could be preserved and gives notice on anything that might challenge the status of a building or place.
      5. 15 minute Q&A on History
    • C. Initiatives, Business and Development 
      1. Ackley Padilla, Deputy Chief of Staff for Council District 6 (Nury Martinez) – Great Streets Initiative. Padilla assists with the management of the Sixth District team. In City Hall, he also extends his expertise in planning, land use, and economic development matters for the Councilwoman. A longtime resident of the Valley, you can find him enjoying Daniel’s Tacos in Sun Valley or walking along the beautiful, new Elmer Avenue Green Street.
      2. Brad M. Rosenheim, Land Use Consultant/Rosenheim and Associates— Development. Rosenheim will speak about development for Van Nuys and the rest of the San Fernando Valley. He is President and CEO of Brad Rosenheim and Associates, a firm specializing in: land-use entitlements and planning; project team management; permit processing and clearances; government and community affairs associated with the land-use entitlement process; strategic planning and public-policy; consulting and analysis for both public- and private-sector clients.
      3. Brian Stedge, District Director, California State Assemblyman Adrin Narzarian of the 46th District—Quimby Funds. Stedge, will talk about the Quimby Act (Funds), from which communities can benefit in park-poor areas in the State of California, especially Los Angeles, to bring more parks, gardens and open space in neighborhoods. Narzarian is working on updating the current California Law to bring more funds and expand its current legislation.
      4. Tom Rothman (L.A. City Planning) – re:code LA. Tom Rothman is the Senior City Planner who is working on recode: LA, a comprehensive revision of L.A.’s outdated zoning code. The first zoning code was adopted in 1946, the current Code has grown from a simple, 84-page pamphlet to an unwieldy, 600+ page book that inadequately accommodates a 21st Century vision of a better Los Angeles for all residents. The Zoning Code is not effective at helping Angelenos create the future that they want for their city.
      5. Daniel Skolnick Van Nuys Planner L.A. Department of Planning/Former Deputy Planner for Tony Cardenas—History of Van Nuys Budget and Policy. Planning staff personnel for the Department of City Planning of Los Angeles, and former deputy planner and Director of Urban Planning & Transportation for former Councilman Tony Cardenas and Dennis Zine in the San Fernando Valley. He now is in the Los Angeles City Planning, Van Nuys Division, working on zoning administration cases and planning.
      6. Lauren Grabowski Program Manager for Plan for a Healthy L.A.— The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles is a new Health and Wellness Element of the city’s General Plan. The General Plan is the blueprint for how and where the city will grow and develop, commonly known the city’s planning constitution. The Plan for a Healthy Los Angeles elevates health as a priority in the city’s future growth and development, establishing a policy framework to make Los Angeles a healthier place to live, work and play.
      7. Peter Liang  Electrical Engineer, LADWP —LADWP Solar Energy Development. Liang will discuss the different solar programs LADWP has to offer to its consumers and the community.
      8. 15 Minute Q&A on Initiatives, Business and Development
    • D. Mobility and Transportation
      1. Paul Dyson, Logistics Consultant & President/The Rail Passenger Association of California (RailPAC) — History of San Fernando Valley Public Transit. RailPAC is a statewide membership organization working for the expansion and improvement of rail passenger service in California and Nevada.
      2. Lillian De Loza-Gutierrez — Metro L.A.— East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor. Lillian is Metro’s Area Deputy in the San Fernando Valley and Las Virgenes-Malibu areas of the County. Manage public participation efforts for Metro’s East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor Project including organizing community meetings and sharing project and relevant information via social media platforms. She will talk about the East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor and where they are in the process and informing the public the possibility for changes in the Van Nuys Community with a new transportation system.
      3. Bart Reed — Transit Coalition — Transportation Services. The Transit Coalition is a broad based group of concerned citizens mobilized to passionately demonstrate community support for the economic development and continuing operation of improved transportation.
      4. Dan Sturges — Urban Mobility Designer — Team Red US — Mobility for the Future. Sturges is a mobility system/vehicle designer and transportation planner. He has focused on understanding the total mobility eco-system over his 30 year career, and worked for leading automakers, new mobility start-ups, new technology providers, metropolitan planning organizations, public transportation agencies, transportation advocates, real estate and community development companies all in an effort to create the most meaningful mobility solutions possible. He currently serves on the United States Transportation Research Board for New Public Transportation Systems and Technology.
      5. Eric Bruins — Planning and Policy Director — Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition—LACBC is a nonprofit organization with over 1,500 members that engages cyclists through advocacy, education and outreach across the county. LACBC brings together the diverse bicycling community in a united mission to improve the bicycling environment and quality of life for the entire region.
      6. My L.A. and Claire Bowen LA/2B & Mobility Plan 2035—LA2B and Mobility 2035 is a project of the Los Angeles Departments of City Planning and Transportation to envision a new way of moving around the city, using its streets for mobility and beyond. If what we have today is less than ideal, what should the City’s streets look like, how should they function and how do we get there from here?
      7. 15 min. Q&A on Mobility and Transportation
    •  E. Housing, Sustainability and Design
      1.  Cassy Aoyagi — Landscape Architect — FormLA Landscaping & The Theodore Payne Foundation — Sustainable Landscaping. Cassy Aoyagi, with her husband Kirk, infuses her firm, FormLA Landscaping with a passion for sustainability and her commitment to developing distinct, beautiful landscapes that fulfill her clients’ needs. She is a recognized expert in sustainable landscaping and California’s Water Efficient Landscaping Ordinances. She also serves as President of the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers and Native Plants, Inc., dedicated to the understanding, preservation and use of California native flora.
      2. Israel Cruz — Program Manager — L.A. Neighborhood Land Trust — Parks and Gardens. Cruz will speak on The Neighborhood Land Trust, the leading nonprofit working to create urban parks and gardens in the Los Angeles region. They plan to launch up to four new projects each year so that they may realize their vision for every L.A. area resident to live within walking distance of a park or garden.
      3. Melanie Winter — The River Project & WATER LA — Founder and Director—Water Resource. Winter is the founder and director of The River Project, a non-profit dedicated to watershed-based, climate-resilient planning in Los Angeles. She’s been involved in water and land-use policy for nearly two decades, bringing significant funding for and national attention to the Los Angeles River and will update us on continuing projects.
      4. Amy Cole — Director of Permanent Supporting Housing — L.A. Family Housing— Housing. Cole has been with L.A. Family Housing (LAFH) since 2009 and has been a major component of housing placement and retention for households experiencing homelessness in the San Fernando Valley. She now serves as the agency’s Director of Permanent Supportive Housing where she oversees both site-based and scattered-site permanent supportive housing and works closely with the Los Angeles City Housing Authority, Department of Mental Health (DMH), and L.A. County Department of Health Services (DHS).
      5. Stacey Rains — Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Board MemberDichotomy of Gentrification —Rains is currently a Van Nuys Neighborhood Council board member on the School Representative seat whose interest are outreach, education and training. Stacey is an advocate for communities of the developmental disabled, and better food and nutritional programs fighting against hunger. She’ll speak about the dichotomy of gentrification in a broader role of communities.
      6. 15 minutes of Q&A on Housing, Development and Design.

6. Public Comment

7. Announcements

8. Adjournment