What Police Defunding Looks Like

Summary of LAPD services that will be eliminated and those that will be reduced. In addition, after COVID-19, division front desks will be reduced to office hours Monday thru Friday. Many of these units are citywide so expect an impact in the Valley, especially with the elimination of the HOPE Unit which has been such a great partner to our places of worship since its creation. LAHSA, 311, and 211 will be the points of contact.

Specialized Details to be Disbanded:

Safer Cities Initiative, Mission Area
Sexual Assault Special Section, Robbery Homicide Division
Homeless Outreach and Proactive Engagement (HOPE)
Burglary Special Section and Cargo Auto Theft Detail, Commercial Crimes Division
Animal Cruelty Task Force, Detective Support and Vice Division

Specialized Details/Divisions to be Downsized:

Hollywood Entertainment Detail (HED)
Pacific Area Beach Detail
University Park Task Force, Southwest Division
Robbery Homicide Division
Commercial Crimes Division
Metropolitan Division
Traffic Group
Labor Relations Unit