zoning code relief

Targeted Relief from Parking Provisions

In response to an adopted City Council Motion (Council File # 20-0380-S1), Los Angeles City Planning has drafted a proposed amendment to the Zoning Code creating a mechanism for City Council to provide targeted relief from time limitations and certain parking provisions during a declared Local Emergency.
The Zoning Code currently outlines several temporary regulations applicable only during a Local Emergency, this proposed amendment will supplement those provisions to address the current severe economic impacts to our neighborhood commercial boulevards.
Today, the proposed Local Emergency Code Amendment has been released for public comment. A fact sheet has been drafted providing an overview of the ordinance, the specific eligibility requirements, and answers to frequently asked questions.
City Planning will be hosting a staff public hearing for the proposed Zoning Code amendment via teleconferencing technology in the coming month. The hearing will provide an overview of the ordinance, and will provide an opportunity for the community to submit public comments and testimony for the public record. A hearing notice is forthcoming, and will provide further details on how to access the public hearing.
Members of the public may also submit written comments to andrew.pennington@lacity.org up to two weeks prior to this item being scheduled for the City Planning Commission. The proposed amendment is tentatively scheduled for consideration by the City Planning Commission before the end of 2020.
To receive future updates on this proposed code amendment, including the public hearing notices, please sign up to join the interested parties list: https://planning.lacity.org/about/email-sign-up