Joint VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting – May 17, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

 Joint VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee

Meeting Agenda

May 17, 2017 (Wednesday 6:30- 9:30 pm)

Van Nuys Community Police Station

6240 Sylmar Ave. Conference room

Van Nuys, CA 91401

  1. WELCOMING REMARKS:                     (10 minutes)
    • Call to order
    • Pledge of allegiance
    • Committee roll call
  3. PRESENTATIONS:                                                                                                         (10 minutes)
    • I. None
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS:                                                                                       (5 minutes)
    • I. Review and adoption of minutes
  5. MOTIONS & RESOLUTIONS:                                                                                              (2 hours)
    • I. Discussion and Possible Action. 14306 Oxnard Street, So Cal Collision Center. Conditional Use Permit. Allow continued maintenance and operation of automotive repair with spray paint booth. Asking the board to reconsider their decision from last general board meeting. Case no#: ZA-2016-3146. (Antonio Peurtas/ SoCal Collision Center.) Supporting Documents: 14306 OXNARD NC EXHIBITS
    • II. Discussion only.6852 Tyrone Ave. Development for 6-unit Apartment Complex. Agent to the owner is requesting feedback from council for a development to convert a single family lot into a 6-unit apartment complex . Case no#: No case number (Ramon Baguio/ RBCAS inc. Design and Process.) 
    • III. Discussion and Possible Action .14558 Erwin Street, 27-unit Apartment Building, Density Bonus for a 27-unit apartment with 24 market rate units & 3 very low income units with on menu incentive for 35% increase in the FAR Case no#: DIR 2017-0094-DB-CDO. (Jacques Mashihi Architect/ West Pacifica Design-Construction Inc.) Supporting documents: MLU Application Planning Referral Form Photoboard Density Bonus Findings Arch Drawings
    • IV. Discussion and Possible Action. A Discussion to examine the board structure of the Van Nuys Planning and Land Use Committee and how it should be consist of board members.
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS                                                                                     (5 minutes)

2017-5-17_Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting