VNNC PLUM Committee Meeting – April 19th @ 6:30 pm

VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting Agenda

April 19, 2017 (Wednesday, 6:30- 9:30 pm)

Van Nuys Community Police Station

6240 Sylmar Ave. Conference room

Van Nuys, CA 91401

  1. WELCOMING REMARKS: (10 minutes)
    • a. Call to order
    • b. Pledge of allegiance
    • c. Committee roll call (The Board is composed of 7 members. A quorum of at least 3 members present is required to hold official Board meetings.)
  3. PRESENTATIONS: (10 minutes)
    • a. None
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS: (5 minutes)
    • a. Review and adoption of minutes
  5. MOTIONS & RESOLUTIONS: (2 hours)
    • A. Discussion and Possible Action. 6500 N. Sepulveda Blvd. Development of a 160-unit apartment complex, the development of a 160-unit apartment complex within a 156,288-sq. ft. building including 7 very low income units & 21,780 sq. ft. of open space. Case No#: DIR-2016-4380. (Eric Lieberman/QES, Inc.) Supporting Docs.:
    • B. Discussion and Possible Action. 7128 Van Nuys Blvd, ACYE (All You Can Eat). Conditional Use Permit & Beverage. Conditional Use Permit to allow the installation of +/- 20 pinball game machines as an ancillary use to an existing restaurant and the expansion of the restaurant to serve alcohol. Case no#: ZA-2017-327-CUB-CU (Michael Morgan) Supporting Docs.: Arch Drawings Planning Application EAF Photo boards Special Instructions for Alcohol
    • C. Discussion and Possible Action.14530-14544 Erwin Street. Development for a 48-unit apartment complex. On menu incentive to increase the building height by 11 feet from 45 feet to 56 feet. Density Bonus for a 48 unit, 5-story residential building. Case no#: DIR-2017-1079-DB-CDO (Varoosh Abedi/ GA Engineering Inc.) Supporting Docs.:
    • D. Discussion and Possible Action.14831 Burbank Blvd., Brother’s Pizza, Conditional Use Beverage, Application to allow the onsite sale of beer and wine to an existing restaurant. Case no#: ZA-2016-4989-CUB. (Patrick E. Panzarello/ Patrick E. Panzarello Consulting Services) Supporting Docs: bradius CUB FINDINGS BROTHERS PIZZA CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT FINDINGS BROTHERS brotherssite24x18 Brothersfloor24x18 mluanotarized
    • E. Discussion and Possible Action. 7745 & 7747 Sepulveda Blvd., Avio Coach Craft, Conditional Use Permit, Application to allow to add spray booths within fully enclosed structure in full compliance with the provisions of Article 7, Chapter 5 of LAMC, Section122.22.A28 and AQMD Rules 1132 & 1151. Case no#: ZA-2017-340-EAF. (Michael Kirillos/ MK Designs) Supporting Docs.: Planning Appilcation Arch Drawings & Photos Vin Map
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

2017-04-19-VNNC PLUM Committee Meeting

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