VNNC December’s General Meeting – December 14, 2016


Van Nuys Community Clean-up Day at Van Nuys High School. Thank you Van Nuys High School Students & CPAC for making Van Nuys Clean w/ the office of Councilmember Nury Martinez.

VNNC General Meeting Agenda

December 14, 2016 (Wednesday 7:00-9:30 pm)

Van Nuys Constituents Center Conference Room

6262 Van Nuys Blvd. Conference Room 1A

Van Nuys, CA 91401-2707

  1. Call To Order & Pledge Of Allegiance To the United States of America.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum Call)
  3. Officer Reports
    • A. President’s Report— Jeff Lynn (2 Minutes) Speaker’s Times, Cell Phones, Conversations, Correspondence Received.Introductions of first time attending stakeholders.*Speaker Cards: 2, minutes, 2 Public Comment Times. (This includes speaker cards on agenda items — a limit of 10 minutes for the entire meeting per stakeholder.)
    • B. Vice-President’s Report— Jason Ackerman (2 Minutes)I.MOTION: The Chairs of all VNNC Committees must submit written lists of all current Members of their respective committees to the Secretary,President and Vice-President of the VNNC by December 31, 2016 and hold Brown Act Compliant meetings no later than January 31, 2017. Failure to comply will result in the removal of said committee chair(s) pending approval of theGeneral Board at the February 2017 Meeting.
    • C. Secretary’s Report— Jeremy Pessoa (3 Minutes)I. Approval of the September 14, 2016 VNNC General Board Meeting Minutes
    • D. Treasurer’s Report—Stacey Rains and/or Howard Benjamin (Second Signatory) I. Approval of the Treasurer’s Report for November 2016 (3 Minutes)
  4. Public Comment (On matters within the VNNC Board’s Jurisdiction, not on the agenda.) 2 minutes maximum per person, 20 minutes maximum time allowed for Public Comment under this item.
  5. Reports from Public Officials/Departments/Community Agencies: (20 minutes)
    • A. Department of Neighborhood Empowerment, NC Budget Advocates, BONC, Related Groups
    • B. LAPD Senior Lead Officers (SLOs), Community Police Advisory Board, & LAFD Captains, City Attorney’s Office C. Elected Officials and Field Reps. (Senator Hertzberg’s presentation)
  6. Committee Chairperson’s Reports. (3 Minutes Each)
    • A. PLUM (Planning and Land Use Management) Committee
    • B. Executive Committee
    • C. Outreach Committee
    • D. LIC (Legislative Information Committee) E. SCOPE (Special Committee On Policy Education)
  7. Old Business: 
    • A. None
  8. New Business: 
    • Planning and Land Use Management Committee: 
      • A. 6429 N. Van Nuys Blvd. CUB Renewal and live entertainment. Asking for the approval to continue the sale of beer and wine for on-site consumption in conjunction with an existing restaurant. Case no#: ZA-2010-261-CUB-PAI (Oscar Ensafi/ Approved Plans Inc.)
      • B. Administration Item. Asking the VNNC to support the call close Aliso Canyon site from operation. Draft will be provided prior to general board meeting to be sent to Mayor Garcetti, City Council, County Supervisor and Governor Brown. Discussion and Action.
      • C. VNNC to submit CIS on the proposed changes to DASH bus service and routes. VNNC PLUM Committee is currently discussing & drafting the proposed routes of LADOT DASH service within the Van Nuys jurisdiction. The board will take motion once the draft has been crafted, edited and approved to be sent to City Council. Discussion and action. (PLUM Committee Board members Jerry Martin and Jason Ackerman).
    • Outreach Committee:
      • A. None
    • Executive Committee: 
      • A. VNNC to vote on request to extend sunset clause on LIC Committee to August 30, 2017.
      • B. VNNC to vote on whether to entertain a presentation requesting the recall of Jeanette Hopp from the Governing Board of the VNNC.
    • Budget & Finance Committee: 
      • A. VNNC to vote on proposal that the Board provide funding to co-sponsor movie nights at Hazeltine Elementary and Van Nuys Elementary on January 21, 2017 and January 28, 2017. Not to Exceed (NTE) $1,000
      • B. VNNC to vote to organize holiday event on December 16, 2016 at Delano Park in conjunction with Assemblymember Nazarian’s office for young stakeholders (children) of Van Nuys and to purchase toys and similar items to be distributed to children at the event. NTE $1,500
      • C. VNNC to vote to organize a holiday event on a date yet to be determined for the homeless stakeholders of Van Nuys and to purchase hygiene items, blankets,and similar items to be distributed to the homeless at the event. NTE $1,000
      • D. VNNC to vote on whether to fund meals for Van Nuys youth while participating in the Mayor’s Youth Council program through May 2017. NTE $450
      • E. VNNC to vote on whether to co-sponsor and provide meals for a job fair hosted by Assemblymember Nazarian’s office at La Iglesias En El Camino on January 27, 2017. NTE $500
  9. Commentary from Vice-President Ackerman on the year 2016.
  10. Public Comments
  11. Announcements
  12. Adjournment

2016 December General Meeting