Connecting After a Disaster

Connecting After a Disaster

We all know we should have an out-of-state emergency contact to be a focal point for our family members and friends, and that we should always carry that information on our person at all times. Bring your out-of-state emergency contact information (full name, address, and phone) and volunteer members of the National Traffic System (NTS) will send a message to your out-of-state contact via ham radio right from the ham radio station at the Fair, to demonstrate what it might be like during the next big earthquake, when all regular communication lines and phones will likely be inoperable.

Please encourage your stakeholders, family, and friends to register and attend! Everything at the Fair is free, thanks to our generous supporters and contributors, including many Neighborhood Councils throughout Los Angeles. Online Fair Registration opens Friday, July 1. By registering, you will have more time to enjoy the Fair and your family will be eligible for a free Emergency Preparedness (EP) Starter Kit (while supplies last) at the Fair.

For more details, or if your NC would like to host an Outreach booth at the Fair, send an email to Don’t miss this great opportunity to communicate with your stakeholders.

Thank you for helping all of Los Angeles get prepared for disasters.

The 9th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair will take place on Saturday, October 1, 2016 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Fire Station 87 in Granada Hills. Visit for more information and online registration. A Save The Date flyer can be downloaded here.

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