VNNC Outreach Committee – Mayor’s Team in Boyle Heights

From VNNC Outreach Chair Maria Skelton:

I was able to meet two outstanding young people from Reseda High School. They’re are part of the Mayor’s Youth Program 10th grade, Nathalie Gonzalez (Pa/Law Academy) and Michael Martinez (Civil Air Patrol/ LAPD Cadets) are amazing. They kept us from getting lost in Boyle Heights.

We need more young people whose are excited and willing to help others. They are known by going door to door to discuss an important matters in the area. Reseda High School should be honored to have these two students that represented themselves and the school in a positive way. Keep the good work and hope to work with both of you again!

I had a bless day in Boyle Heights helping with the Mayor’s event. Iwas with a awesome group of people.