Metro Releases 2014 Bike Map!

by Rubina Ghazarian

2014 Map Front Cover
2014 Map Back Cover
Countywide Map
Temple City Cycle Track, shown in purple on the map. Photo credit: Serena Grace
Click above for a pdf version to view larger.

Click above for a pdf version to view larger.
Metro released its 2014 Bike Map just in time for Bike Week LA!
This map is small enough to fit in a backpack or pannier, yet it folds out to show Los Angeles County’s bike paths, lanes, routes, cycle tracks, path access points, Metro Rail lines, busways and Metrolink stations, including those with bicycle parking.
Metro collected and mapped information from 88 cities and LA County in order to produce the map. The updated map shows 305 miles of Class 1 bike paths, 835 miles of Class 2 bike lanes, 522 miles of Class 3 bike routes, and a brand new cycle track in Temple City. This represents an increase of 17 percent or 240 total bikeway miles in just two years.
The map differentiates between LA County’s Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, and cycle track bikeways by color coding facilities. Class 1 bike paths (green) are separated from streets. Class 2 bike lanes (orange) are striped for one-way travel on streets or highways. Class 3 bike routes (pink) are shared use facilities with motor vehicles and include signage indicating a bike travel route. Cycle Tracks (purple) are on-road or raised facilities physically separated from motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic.
Metro’s comprehensive bike maps help people make trips by bicycle by facilitating the discovery of new bikeways and connections to Metro transit. They also aid city planners, engineers and community members to collaborate and close gaps in the network by building bikeways that connect to those of neighboring jurisdictions. Find the new 2014 map online, at bicycle events throughout the year, or submit an online request for a printed map.