7100 Sepulveda graffiti and trash

The Daily News ran an article about the clean up of the vacant lot at 7111 Sepulveda Blvd and the paint of the the graffiti on the adjacent building.

Former VNNC President Mike Browning was quoted…“If you saw the building, you wouldn’t even recognize it from a week ago. It’s amazing what a little work will do,” Michael Browning, president of the Valley “Pres” Neighborhood Association and Watch, said after the defaced building had been painted over.
“I’ve gotten so many text messages from neighbors, meaning that they have noticed. It was an immediate change,” he said.
7100 Sepulveda graffiti 7100 Sepulveda graffiti 7100 Sepulveda graffiti
Photos courtesy of Michael Browning