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BSS Street Talk Newsletter

The Bureau Supports Trojans
bss-1On Saturday, November 23rd the Bureau’s Investigation and Enforcement Division helped with the permitting of USC’s last home football game. Held at the Los Angeles Coliseum, the USC Trojans beat Notre Dame during the rainy day. While the USC football season comes to an end at the Coliseum, the Division will still be present at permitted events near the college campus to ensure public safety and enforce permit requirements.

How Stump Removal Works
bss-2How are tree stumps removed from the ground?Before modern-day technology, street services would manually dig out the stumps from the ground with picks and shovels. While this was effective, it was time consuming and very labor intensive. Today, the Urban Forestry Division employs the use of the stump-removal ma-chine. This machine grinds stumps into small wood chips and turns the soil. The area is then ready for a new tree to be planted.

Keeping LA Clean and Green
With a fleet of over 1,700 pieces of equipment, the Bureau of Street Services provides quality street services in an effective and efficient manner. In collaboration with the General Services Department, the Bureau staff recently traveled to the Elgin Sweeper Company in Illinois to inspect the new street sweepers that will soon replace the old equipment. These new motor sweepers use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for power, reducing the need for fossil fuels. The Bureau continues to be the nation’s leader in sustainable practices for street sweeping with 135 CNG sweepers.

bss-3Entrada Drive Pedestrian Improvement Project
The Bureau of Street Services has joined forces with Council District 11 and its community to improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety. On September 19th, construction for the Entrada Drive Pedestrian Improvement Project began. Funded by the Highway Safety Improvement program, the project will create a six foot wide sidewalk along Entrada Drive from Almafi Drive to Adelaide Drive. Not only will the project include a new sidewalk, but also new curb ramps, a retaining wall and crosswalks. These new designated pedestrian crossings will further enhance the area’s safety. The Bureau’s Special Projects and Engineering Divisions are proud to be involved in the process for creating these improvements in Council District 11.

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