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Clean Streets LA Challenge

Clean Streets LA Challenge

Hello NC Public Works Liaisons and Neighborhood Clean-Up Leaders!

The Board of Public Works is asking for Neighborhood Councils’ help in cleaning up our neighborhoods by announcing the below Clean Streets LA Challenge! Mayor Eric Garcetti, theCity Council, the Innovation & Performance Commission, the Board of Public Works, and theDepartment of Public Works have come together to make available the opportunity to join a very rewarding partnership. Please take the time to read and share this awesome opportunity and consider joining the thousands of volunteers working towards cleaning up our beautiful city.

Also, please take a look at the many resources that Public Works Liaisons have at their disposal to engage with public works issues by clicking here: Public Works Liaisons. This web page was developed to help NCs better access information, resources, and city leadership as it relates to cleaning up our neighborhoods and tapping into valuable resources that the Department of Public Works provides to Angelenos. Click here for more information: Public Works Liaisons

Join the Clean Streets LA Challenge!

Do you care about keeping your streets clean but don’t have the resources or information about how to make a difference? According to the Clean Streets Index, do you live or work on a street with a “cleanliness score” that needs improving? The Clean Streets LA Challenge is the ultimate civic experience for you! The Challenge provides:

  • Information on how to maximize City resources in your community
  • Networking opportunities with key Clean Streets LA stakeholders
  • Training on how to host Clean Streets LA events in your neighborhood
  • Assistance in developing a Clean Streets LA community plan
  • Access to a Clean Streets LA cash prize to fund community clean-ups

Interested Neighborhood Councils and other organizations that attend workshops will receive guidance on how to prepare and execute a Clean Streets LA Community Partnership plan, and may be selected to receive Clean Streets LA financial awards to support your efforts.
Clean Streets LA Challenge workshops will be hosted throughout the summer, and the challenge runs until the end of the year.

In order to meet upcoming deadlines, we are requesting that each Neighborhood Council, Alliance, and NC committees agendize this item for discussion and action at your June and July meetings. We want you to take full advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with community groups and be eligible for cash prizes.

Find out if you have what it takes to complete the Clean Streets LA Challenge!

To read the Mayor’s Press Release on the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge please click here.

Mayor Garcetti Asks Public Works Liaisons For Help

Mayor Garcetti Asks Public Works Liaisons For Help


Today was a great day for those Neighborhood Councils that have been tackling neighborhood cleanups for so many years. Mayor Eric Garcetti, along with the City Council, announced a brand new data set that grades how clean our city streets are in L.A. Our elected officials are going back to basics by focusing valuable resources towards ensuring that our streets are clean for our families, our businesses, and to attract investment. Those present to share in the news included Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmen Gil Cedillo, Joe Buscaino, Curren D. Price, andMarqueece Harris-Dawson; Board of Neighborhood Commissioners Josh LaFarga, Board of Public Works Commissioners Kevin James, and Monica Rodriguez, Deputy Mayor Barbara Romero, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment General Manager Grayce Liu, and Bureau of Sanitation Director Enrique Zaldivar. And thank you to those Neighborhood Councils that did make the trip to downtown to get the preview on this awesome new data set and index. MayorEric Garcetti and the City Council strongly feel that our streets are a reflection of the city, and allocating resources to ensure they are clean is a core service that Angelenos deserve including providing full information, great services, accessibility, and accountability.


The Bureau of Sanitation also announced their availability to visit your Neighborhood Council to further talk about how Sanitation can meet your community’s needs by contacting the Bureau’s Neighborhood Council Liaison Mr. Daniel Hackney at

For more information on how to engage as a Public Works Liaison and to take a look at the newly unveiled CleanStat, the city’s newest data set that creates a Clean Streets Index and grades the cleanliness of our streets, go to:

We also want to invite you to champion the idea of advocating for the cleanliness of your street and encouraging the community to have pride in their neighborhood by reporting blight, trash, and graffiti by dialing 3-1-1 or online at MyLA311.

Bureau of Sanitation Rolls Out The Red Carpet for Neighborhood Councils

Bureau of Sanitation Rolls Out The Red Carpet for Neighborhood Councils

Last Saturday, the Bureau of Sanitation hosted an exceptional briefing session at the Los Angeles Environmental Learning Center at Hyperion exclusively for Neighborhood Councils including Public Works Liaisons, board presidents/chairs, and board members interested in knowing more about this services-filled city agency. Other special guests included:

  • Josh Lafarga and Lydia Grant, Commissioners on the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners
  • Heather Repenning, Commissioner on the Board of Public Works
  • Enrique Zaldivar, Director of the Bureau of Sanitation
  • Bureau of Sanitation Executive Management Team including Chief Operating Officer Traci Minamide, Chief Financial Officer Lisa Mowery, Assistant Director Adel Hagekhalil, Assistant Director Alex Helou, Acting Assistant Director Robert Irvin, and Assistant Director Leo Martinez
  • Daniel Hackney, Neighborhood Council Liaison for the Bureau of Sanitation.

lasanThe morning was spent listening to the Executive Management Team of the Bureau of Sanitation brief board members about all of the services the Bureau provides to Angelenos including solid waste and resources management, water reclamation and recycling, wastewater treatment, watershed protection, sustainability, and ensuring that their role in many of the Mayor’s Executive Directives is successful. The day included plenty of time for Neighborhood Councils to share feedback and ask questions about not only the Clean Streets LA campaign, but about other services as well. The director spent some time sharing how the bureau remains accessible, transparent, responsive and accountable to the people of L.A. including explaining how the fees Angelenos pay (the Sewer Service Charge and Solid Resources Fee) are spent and how they manage current and expected demands and goals.

Thank you to those that attended to help shape the future partnership with the Bureau, and for those that didn’t attend please check out the list below of great resources you can use to help improve your community and Los Angeles.cleanstreet

On February 20th, Wilmington NC board member Diana Medel (not pictured because she took the photo) teamed up with community groups for a neighborhood clean-up day; she gets an “excused absence” for not attending the Sanitation briefing.

Please find below a list of great Bureau of Sanitation resources:

  1. PowerPoint presentation
  2. Daniel Hackney, Neighborhood Council Liaison can be reached at
  3. For service requests you can dial 3-1-1, call 1-800-773-2489, or submit an online request.
  4. Mulch give-away locations
  5. Visit the L.A. Environmental Learning Center @ Hyperion
  6. Mayor’s Clean Streets Initiative
  7. Bureau of Sanitation & Clean Streets LA
  8. Read and monitor the city’s Implementation Plan for the Clean Streets Citywide Program at Council File: 15-0600-S78
  9. Please complete a five minute Sanitation Survey on street/alley/sidewalk cleanliness in Los Angeles. Responses are confidential.

Clean Streets Resources

my311The City’s Implementation Plan for the Clean Streets Citywide Program (Council File: 15-0600-S78) aims to provide a comprehensive program to improve Angelenos’ quality of life by cleaning up our streets. This plan includes the effort to promote the City of Los Angeles’ free service to pick up discarded bulky items such as mattresses, furniture, and appliances. Please help the city discourage the abandoning of trash on the street by encouraging Angelenos to dial 3-1-1  or going online to request free bulky item pick up. Thank you.

Open Invitation to Public Works Liaisons

Open Invitation to Public Works Liaisons

​​All Public Works Liaisons are invited to engage with and attend the following:

  • Board of Public Works ​to Visit LANCC – The Board of Public Works is discussing the Clean Streets Initiative at the next LANCC monthly meeting on November 7th @ 10am. Please visit LANCC’s website for meeting details​ by clicking here​: LANCC. We highly encourage all Public Works Liaisons​, NC Presidents/Chairs​, and active community clean-up organizers and volunteers​ to attend. ​
  • Prepare for El Niño – The Bureau of Sanitation recently shared a flyer listing some of the work they have done around the city to prepare for the upcoming rainy season, and they also took the time to list a few recommendations for Angelenos. Please click here for the flyer and share it with your Neighborhood Council and stakeholders​:
  • Regional El Niño Town Hall Meetings – The Emergency Management Department is convening a few departments to hold the Regional El Niño Town Hall Meetings at four locations across the city. Please plan on attending one of the meetings on behalf of your Neighborhood Council to learn how the city is preparing for the heavy rains. Please click here for ​the ​flyer and share it with your Neighborhood Council and stakeholders​.
  • Implementation Plan for Clean Streets Citywide Program– Help your Neighborhood Council monitor the Council File related to the Clean Streets Initiative by subscribing to the following Council File: 15-0600-S78. This would be an opportunity for the Neighborhood Council to submit a Community Impact Statement (CIS).
  • Appoint Your Public Works Liaison – As a reminder, if they haven’t done so already, please remind your Neighborhood Council ​P​resident or ​C​hair to appoint your NC Public Works Liaison and register them with EmpowerLA. If you have any questions ​please don’t hesitate to contact Octaviano Rios, Neighborhood Council Advocate, at (213) 978-1551.

Can Neighborhood Councils help attract businesses to their community?

Can Neighborhood Councils help attract businesses to their community?

YES! And if you attended last week’s Congress of Neighborhoods workshop entitled Attracting Good Businesses for Community Success and moderated by Dave Behar, Immediate Past President of the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council, you would have found out that you can help attract good businesses into your community and learn new tools to be more effective with economic development efforts. Attendees of the workshop heard from Elvina Beck, Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council Board Member and Business Owner; Mitchell Harmatz, Harbor Area Planning Commissioner and Business Owner; David Roberts, Economic Development Director in the Office of Councilman Joe Buscaino; and Octaviano Rios, Neighborhood Council Advocate for the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. Octaviano had the opportunity to share with workshop attendees a few of the city resources available to them including working with the City Clerk’s Office to connect with or help develop a business improvement district; engaging with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Clean Streets Initiative and becoming a Neighborhood Council Public Works Liaison to bring resources to help clean up neighborhoods and make them more attractive for private investment; and getting acquainted with the City’s Office of Finance and the Economic & Workforce Development Department that offers a long menu of resources to help attract, grow, and retain business in the community. Panelists also touched on the value of relationship-building with elected offices, property owners, and retailers you are eyeing to bring into community; as well as suggesting that board members be well acquainted with the needs of their community and generally knowing their community’s underutilized real estate such as vacant commercial property. Neighborhood Councils have a passion for not only advocating for their community’s needs, but to collaborate with other Neighborhood Councils on various issues that later become alliances, and economic development seems to be another passion to help improve neighborhoods.

Mayor Garcetti Launches Clean Streets Team

Mayor Garcetti Launches Clean Streets Team

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was enthusiastically received at the closing session of the Congress of Neighborhoods and spoke on several priorities of his including ensuring that all Angelenos receive high quality services from City Hall. Following up on the Mayor’s Clean Streets Initiative, Mayor Garcetti launched the Clean Streets Team and urged all Neighborhood Councils to be a part of it by appointing a board member to serve as a Public Works Liaison to work with the Board of Public Works to ensure that all communities receive the best possible service from the Department of Public Works.

The Congress also had the opportunity to introduce two Clean Streets Heroes that have been providing leadership in cleaning up their community’s streets and neighborhoods. cleanstreetsheroesCheron McAleece has been organizing monthly neighborhood clean ups for a few years now and as a board member of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council has created partnerships with local organizations and the Office of Councilman Mitch O’Farrell to tackle what was once a chronic problem of illegal dumping. She is looking forward to continue fostering relationships that will help her improve her community and neighboring Los Angeles communities. Northridge West Neighborhood Council President Tom Johnson, Glen Wilson, Peter Lasky, and other entourage members fondly known recently as the “Rat Pack of Clean Streets”, have for several years lead neighborhood clean-up efforts all over Northridge and in partnership with organizations and board members of Northridge West Neighborhood Council. They are looking forward to bringing in more resources that will help keep the community clean.

For more information about the Mayor’s Clean Streets Team, please visit

Bureau of Street Services’ Street Talk

Bureau of Street Services’ Street Talk

September 30, 2015: From the desk of Nazario Sauceda, Director of the Bureau of Street Services

BSS Continues Historic Pavement Preservation Programbss2

During one of the hottest summers on record in the history of Los Angeles, the Pavement Preservation Program reached a new milestone of approximately 1,000 lane miles completed from July 1st to September 30th. This total surpassed last year’s first quarter Summer Fiesta, and BSS continues to work at a record pace, laying down additional lane miles in preparation for the anticipated “El Nino” winter storms.

BSS Teams Up With the LA Dodgers!

On Sepbss3tember 13, 2015, BSS Investigators staffed the New Balance Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation 5K & 10K Run and Kids Fun Run presented by your SoCal Honda Dealers, benefiting the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation that promotes Sports, Recreation, Education, Literacy, Health and Wellness for the residents of Los Angeles. The event included a 5k and 10k race and a scenic run through Elysian Park. BSS secured the routes and made sure the event went off without a hitch!

Exceptional Work Continues Despite Emergency Drought Plan

bss1On August 20th, 2010 the City of Los Angeles enacted the Emergency Water Conservation Plan (Ord. 181,288) placing restrictions on water use. The Bureau has been in compliance and since then, implemented design and installation of drought resistant plants in the funded construction of their landscaped median islands to help reduce water consumption. Currently, the Bureau is completing the construction of five new median islands totaling 5,047 square feet. The medians were designed using drought tolerant trees, plant material, and an irrigation system using sub surface irrigation design. The newly constructed medians have improved the aesthetic appearance of the corridor while enhancing the urban environment.

Pulling Weeds

Who amongbss4 us is excited about pulling weeds? Not many would raise their hands. Yet, we all can see what a huge difference eliminating weeds from our public right of way can make regarding the overall appearance of the infrastructure. Weed abatement is one of many back to basics services provided by BSS staff, which may not be noticed by the general public that nevertheless has a positive effect on our communities, making them cleaner, safer, and more livable. The pictures to the left were taken along Wilbur Avenue in the San Fernando Valley.

The Department of Public Works is the City’s third largest department and is responsible for the design, construction, renovation, operation, and/or maintenance of public facilities and infrastructure including: municipal buildings, water treatment facilities, streets, bridges, sidewalks, street lights, and the urban forest. To learn more about the Department of Public Works, visit

SIDEWALKS UPDATE: City Council Motion & Public Hearing

The City Administrative Officer released a report with policy options for the City Council to consider when establishing a sidewalk repair program for the City of Los Angeles.

Attached is a motion introduced by Councilmembers Krekorian and Buscaino announcing a joint Budget and Finance and Public Works committees meeting on Monday, June 1, 3:30 pm, in Council Chambers to discuss the report. The motion also announces that there will be a series of public meetings on sidewalks held throughout the city, so that all stakeholders can provide input into the policy proposals.

“This is a critically important issue for all Angelenos, said Councilmember Paul Krekorian. “We have an opportunity and obligation to move beyond piecemeal legislation and create a complete program to fix our broken sidewalks. This new report won’t be the final program, but it’s a good way to begin what will be a long, very public discussion. We want to hear from all residents and stakeholders so that we can come up with the best and fairest policy possible.”

CAO Report on Sidewalk Repair Program_5.26.15 Sidewalk Hearing Motion_5.26.15

National Public Works Week Celebrates Workers Who Build Our Communities

NPWWNational Public Works Week Celebrates Workers Who Build Our Communities

In accordance with the tradition of the American Public Works Association, recognition of more than 10,000 people that provide and maintain public facilities and services throughout North America is underway this week, National Public Works Week 2015, May 17-23.

The City of Los Angeles continued the celebration on Wednesday when Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Deputy of Infrastructure Services Greg Good presented the Mayor’s proclamation acknowledging the NPWW in Los Angeles during the 10am Board of Public Works meeting.   On Tuesday in City Council, Councilmember Joe Buscaino, chair of City Council’s Public Works Committee, presented a framed proclamation to Public Works Board President Kevin James, Public Works Bureau Directors, and staff.

Using the 2015 theme, “Community Begins Here,” Councilmember Buscaino thanked the five-member Board of Public Works and the more than 5,400 employees of the Department of Public Works for their largely unsung work and service. The Department is responsible for design, construction, renovation and operation of public projects ranging from bridges to wastewater treatment plants and libraries; curbside collection and graffiti removal; and maintenance of streets, sidewalks, sewers, streetlights and street trees.

Since 1906, the Department of Public Works has led the way to advance and sustain the foundation of infrastructure facilities, resources and services that enable the City of Los Angeles to deliver social, economic and environmental benefits that serve more than four-million residents in a 468 square mile geographic area. Public Works continually focuses on solutions for the infrastructure issues and challenges that invisibly but critically manifest themselves as uninterrupted everyday conveniences.

NPWW sponsor, the American Public Works Association, values local communities and the role public works professionals play in keeping them safe and functioning smoothly.  The Association’s objective is to increase public awareness of their contributions as well as to enlighten the public about the duties, practices, and goals of public works professionals.
For more information, call the Department of Public Works Public Affairs Office at (213) 978-0333.

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