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Van Nuys Clean Up Day, Tomorrow – Share your photos


Share Your Clean Streets photos!

Is your NC participating in the Clean Streets LA Challenge??? Don’t forget to share your group photos, action shots, and stories of your clean up activities by submitting them here: Click Here. Visit this web page for other ways to engage as a Clean Streets advocate: Click Here

Van Nuys Neighborhood Council and CD 2 Clean up Day.

P1020145Hi all,

I hope this posting finds you well. Recently, I had sent all of you information about a workshop being held by the City’s Sanitation Department for their Clean Streets program. The program tries to kick-start and encourage neighborhood clean ups. The program gives a small grant that can help cover the cost of the event and a possible reward for the clean up afterward. They’re still trying to finalize how much, when and how they’ll precisely measure a potential reward payout.

They encourage to have at least three community partners (An NC, a non-profit, a Council office, Homeowner Associations, etc.). I know all of us have brought up the idea of having a cleanup day, but since many, if not most of our streets, are kept up well(In the CD2 Van Nuys area), if we had a traditional cleanup day, it wouldn’t give our volunteers a reasonable amount of things to do.

I know that in the past Van Nuys has had cleanup days. But what I’d like to do is to take that to take the regular cleanups to the next level. What the Sanitation Department emphasizes is the collection of data via the 311 app and how it can help with providing increased and more efficient City services.

The clean up day we would be a mix of a cleanup day and an educational campaign to inform our residents of the services that the City provides. After the cleanup, we can use a portion of the grant money given, for a community BBQ to show our thanks and appreciation to our volunteers.

What the Van Nuys Clean Streets Day will consist of…

  • Getting a team of volunteers to download, use, and get educated about the 311 app.
  • Divide volunteers into teams and form grids for teams to walk/drive.
  • While walking these teams will report bulky items(via the 311 app.), clean up trash, and pass out informational flyers about how to report bulky items.


  • Mid-Valley Police Council
  • Community Police Advisory Board
  • Van Nuys Neighborhood Council
  • Council District 2

Possible Flyers:

  • 311 Flyers (To inform resdients of City services)
  • VNNC information Flyers
  • Movie Night Flyers
  • Fireworks flyer

There is an application process for this grant/ award. The application I believe is now due in late September, so we really should discuss any possibilities of a team effort as soon as possible.

I think that all the groups I’ve mentioned above, want to improve and create a greater sense of community in Van Nuys, and I think having all of us work together like we’ve done in the past, is a good first(second) step in getting there.


1) Break-up of the streets into grids

2) Map of the parts of Van Nuys CD2 covers.

The ask: Would Van Nuys Neighborhood Council like to partner up for a cleanup day, with our Council office, and Mid-Valley Police Council?

VNNC and our Council Office would work together to organize the event, and help get volunteers out for the day of the clean up.

Working together we can get more accomplished, than either one of us alone. If you have any questions or thoughts, please let me know! We would love to work with the Neighborhood Council and improve our community.

Thank you,

Sahag Yedalian

Council District 2 Field Deputy

van-nuys-cd-2-area van-nuys-neighborhood-council-cd-2-grids

Clean Streets LA Challenge

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.17.52 PM

Clean Streets LA Challenge

Hello NC Public Works Liaisons and Neighborhood Clean-Up Leaders!

The Board of Public Works is asking for Neighborhood Councils’ help in cleaning up our neighborhoods by announcing the below Clean Streets LA Challenge! Mayor Eric Garcetti, the City Council, the Innovation & Performance Commission, the Board of Public Works, and theDepartment of Public Works have come together to make available the opportunity to join a very rewarding partnership. Please take the time to read and share this awesome opportunity and consider joining the thousands of volunteers working towards cleaning up our beautiful city.

Also, please take a look at the many resources that Public Works Liaisons have at their disposal to engage with public works issues by clicking here: Public Works Liaisons. This web page was developed to help NCs better access information, resources, and city leadership as it relates to cleaning up our neighborhoods and tapping into valuable resources that the Department of Public Works provides to Angelenos. Click here for more information: Public Works Liaisons

Join the Clean Streets LA Challenge!

Do you care about keeping your streets clean but don’t have the resources or information about how to make a difference? According to the Clean Streets Index, do you live or work on a street with a “cleanliness score” that needs improving? The Clean Streets LA Challenge is the ultimate civic experience for you! The Challenge provides:

  • Information on how to maximize City resources in your community
  • Networking opportunities with key Clean Streets LA stakeholders
  • Training on how to host Clean Streets LA events in your neighborhood
  • Assistance in developing a Clean Streets LA community plan
  • Access to a Clean Streets LA cash prize to fund community clean-ups

Interested Neighborhood Councils and other organizations that attend workshops will receive guidance on how to prepare and execute a Clean Streets LA Community Partnership plan, and may be selected to receive Clean Streets LA financial awards to support your efforts.
Clean Streets LA Challenge workshops will be hosted throughout the summer, and the challenge runs until the end of the year.

In order to meet upcoming deadlines, we are requesting that each Neighborhood Council, Alliance, and NC committees agendize this item for discussion and action at your June and July meetings.We want you to take full advantage of this opportunity to collaborate with community groups and be eligible for cash prizes.

Find out if you have what it takes to complete the Clean Streets LA Challenge!

To read the Mayor’s Press Release on the Clean Streets L.A. Challenge please click here.

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