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Get a Backyard Home!

From LA-Más: We are excited to share that the Backyard Homes Project – an affordable accessory dwelling unit (ADU) pilot program has launched. LA-Más and our collective of non-profit partners – Genesis LA, Self-Help Federal Credit Union, Restore Neighborhoods LA (RNLA), LA Family Housing, St. Joseph Center, and Housing Rights Center – are pleased to announce the launch of LA’s newest incentive program for LA homeowners!

This incentive program offers homeowners a “one-stop-shop” for financing, designing, permitting, and constructing a new Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in the City of Los Angeles. We aspire to have ADUs be remarkably designed, affordably constructed, and creatively financed. The process of being a Section 8 landlord will be easy and supported.

Application Requirements

  • Homeowners are eligible to apply if they meet the following requirements:
  • Agree to house a Section 8 voucher holder in their new ADU for a minimum of 5 years
    Own a property in a single-family residential area located within the City of LA

Find out more on their website

Backyard homes

Board Members Commended for Service

Van Nuys NC April 10, 2019

At our meeting on April 10, 2019 each member received a City Certificate thanking them for  their service to the community.

VNNC President George Thomas celebrated, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please allow me to present to you the #1 Council in Los Angeles. Look at us, we did it. There are 99 councils in Los Angeles, and we are #1. It was not easy. Not by a long shot. But the certificates are nice, and it is the only time during the council meetings when people are smiling, if only for a second. #1 and just getting started.”

Mural Renderings In Progress

Mural Rendering

April 3, 2019 VNNC President George Thomas met with the artist who will paint the mural in front of LAPD Van Nuys Division, as well as Captain Hearn and the Executive Director of the 501c3 overseeing it all.

As we are finishing the renderings, we wanted to share with you one of the final proposals. This is an exciting time for Van Nuys and our surrounding communities as our local government works to bring decision makers together to bring about the betterment of Van Nuys.

And let this be the beginning of the transformation of the Civic Center. Next up is changing the pergola into a children’s playground. Then we will seek to bring the Smithsonian Postal Museum to the old abandoned post office at 6200 Van Nuys Boulevard.

The Civic Center is a gem for the entire San Fernando Valley to enjoy. And has been ideal for any and all governmental and administrative purposes citizens have, but we are looking to go further than that. Our local council wants to turn the government center into the cultural capital of Los Angeles, with festivals and fairs in front of Van Nuys City Hall.

So join us in supporting the mural project, and let us transform Van Nuys into the actual capital of Los Angeles and continue to have our #1 status as the best council in the land.

Stage Set for Mosquitoes

LOS ANGELES (March 14, 2019) – Record rainfall provided relief to drought-thirsty Southern California but created havens for disease-spreading mosquitoes in people’s yards.

Vector control officials are advising that Los Angeles County residents must take extra precautions with green, unmaintained pools, rain barrels and other small containers that have collected rain water. Since mosquitoes can complete their life cycles from egg to adult in about a week, collected water should be emptied or used within the week, rain barrels and containers must be tightly sealed to prevent mosquito entry, and green, unmaintained pools should be cleaned.

If residents need to store water in rain barrels, buckets, and other similar containers longer than a week, these steps should be taken to ensure they are mosquito-proof:

  • Cover all water-filled containers with tightly fitting lids.
  • Screen all openings such as downspouts from the roof gutters with a 1/16 inch fine mesh to keep mosquitoes out.
  • Check for holes in screens monthly to prevent mosquitoes from entering the container and laying hundreds of eggs.
  • Use and maintain natural mosquito control products containing Bti in water that must be kept for longer periods.

Take advantage of this rainfall to find and remove all unused containers from around the home that may collect water and contribute to mosquito problems. Other common sources include plant saucers, buckets, tires, pet water bowls, recycling bins, trash cans, and even trash hidden in nearby bushes.

“Mosquito eggs only need a teaspoon of water to complete their life cycle,” said Anais Medina Diaz, public information officer at the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District (GLACVCD). “By eliminating mosquito breeding sources in your home today, you can protect your family’s health as temperatures warm up in Southern California.”

While residents do their part to tackle the standing water left by the recent rains around their homes, vector control technicians are in the field monitoring disease activity and controlling mosquito populations throughout GLACVCD’s jurisdiction. For more information or to anonymously report green, unmaintained pools, please visit the District’s website at

Be an LAPD Volunteer

LAPD Chief Moore has made it his goal to expand the capabilities of the LAPD by growing the number of community volunteers. You can make a difference in reducing crime by volunteering with the LAPD. Through your service, officers are freed up to be on patrol and more. Find out what you can do!

As a volunteer, here are some of the available opportunities:

• Community members on patrol
• Clerical and administrative support
• Detective support
• Impacting youth through mentorship & tutoring
• Promoting safety with business communities
• And a variety of other important functions

Contact Van Nuys CRO Unit (818) 374-5420 or (email)

Volunteer for the LAPD