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Public Service Announcement – Should Video should be made Public After An Officer Involved Shooting?

The Los Angeles Police Commission Wants Your Input

If an LAPD officer shoots a civilian, should video of the incident be released to the public? If so, when? And who should make the decision?

The Los Angeles Police Commission wants your input.

Please go to to take an online questionnaire and help shape the LAPD’s policy on this important issue.

And please share the URL with your members and friends. The Police Commission wants to make sure it hears from all of the City’s many communities, and needs your help to get the word out.

The Commission is gathering public input with the help of the Policing Project at NYU Law, UCLA School of Law, and UCI Law. In addition to the questionnaire, there will be community forums in different parts of the city that you could attend to provide input in person.

April 20 Forum Flyer

An Affirmation of Cultural and Creative Expression

An Affirmation of Cultural and Creative Expression

The City of Los Angeles is a culturally vibrant metropolis fueled by innovation and creativity. It is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States with more than 224 languages spoken by its close to 4 million residents.

The creative community is reflective of our city’s rich cultural diversity. The Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) is committed to uplifting, celebrating, and supporting cultural traditions, freedom of artistic expression, and human migration. We honor the creativity and talent in Los Angeles that inspires the world through our creative content.

Freedom of creative expression and ideas fosters an inclusive and informed society. Arts and culture lift our souls, affirm our identity, create a sense of belonging, and develop connected communities.

Through each of our divisions, DCA supports creativity and cultural expression at all levels of our city. In addition to our robust network of city-owned and operated community arts centers and theaters, we partner with over 300 nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, independent artists, presenters, and cultural producers to provide cultural services reflective of our city’s population.

We proactively stand united with our community of artists and cultural practitioners in support of a democracy that promotes diversity, builds bridges, expands access, and defends the creative and cultural vitality of our communities.

Join us by showing your support of arts, culture, and creativity by following DCA on Facebook, Twitter @culture_la, and Instagram @culture_la.

There is an abundance of free and low-cost cultural activities taking place throughout our city virtually every day of the year. Take an art class at one of our community art centers, experience one of our city’s eclectic museums, and attend one of the many neighborhood community festivals. Make a family memory that will last forever. Visit DCA’s new website for a list of cultural events for the entire family to enjoy. Below are a few highlights that we want to bring to your attention.

We are proud and honored to co-present African-American Heritage Month again in the City of Los Angeles with Mayor Garcetti, the City Council, Our Authors Study Club, and the City’s African American Heritage Month Committee. The first African-American Heritage Month Celebration began in 1949 when Mayor Fletcher Bowron issued the first proclamation calling for all citizens to celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans. In 1959, the opening ceremony was moved to City Hall. In 1976, the entire month of February was officially declared African-American History Month in LA. Every Mayor since then has recognized the month, especially the late Mayor Tom Bradley. Please see our website or download a copy of DCA’s 2017 African American Heritage Month Calendar and Cultural Guide to find out about the many events happening throughout the month at venues all over town!

This month we are pleased to present: Ours is a City of Writers, an exhibition featuring art writers in collaboration with contemporary visual artists. The writers and artists participating in the exhibition collaborated to produce either a piece of writing, an artwork, a performance, or a lecture. The exhibition will be on view until March 26, 2017, with additional programming including readings and performances. Please visit the LAMAG website for more information.

We are deeply committed to providing access to arts and culture for all. Our artists and cultural partners reflect the best of our democratic ideals and we rely upon them to give us hope for a better tomorrow. Together as a City, we continue to partner with our creative artists and cultural producers to recognize our similarities and respect our ethnic, socio-economic, gender, sexual, religious, and cultural expressions.

Thank you for celebrating the rich and diverse creative forms of expression taking place throughout our city. Together we reinforce the unity in our diversity that makes the City of Los Angeles the Creative Crossroads of the World.

PBS SoCal KIDS Weekend

PBS SoCal KIDS Weekend

PBS SoCal KIDS favorites Curious George and Daniel Tiger join a day of readings, crafts, and dance at the L.A. Zoo!

PBS KIDS superstar critters Curious George and Daniel Tiger from from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will make a special appearance at the Zoo for meet and greets with young fans. Families can also enjoy live book readings, themed crafts and activities, and a kids’ dance party in our Eucalyptus Grove. Don’t miss the fun!

Event Schedule

Character Meet & Greet
10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Curious George Meet & Greet
10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Daniel Tiger Meet & Greet
1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Book Readings
10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Themed Crafts
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Dance Party
Throughout the day

Asst. US Attorney Brandon Fox and AG Kamala Harris Must Probe Spot Zoning Corruption in L.A.


November 1, 2016

Asst. US Attorney Brandon Fox and AG Kamala Harris Must Probe Spot Zoning Corruption in L.A.

With all due respect to L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey for launching a corruption probe, the Coalition to Preserve LA is calling on Asst. US Attorney Brandon Fox (Public Corruption Section) and California Attorney General (Special Investigations Team), to investigate whether City Hall leaders, in ex parte meetings, sell their votes to developers seeking “spot zoning” that enriches the developers.

In the wake of an L.A. Times probe this week into “Sea Breeze” — a stinking wind that the Times editorial board calls “an indictment of a corrupt City Hall culture in City Hall” — the Coalition urges an investigation well beyond the Sea Breeze fiasco, led by prosecutors well outside of the Los Angeles political system.

The Coalition, sponsor of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative on the ballot next March, is now delivering official requests to Harris, Brandon and Lacey. They seek a broad probe of “spot zoning,” the backroom, money-greased City Hall system that placed the Sea Breeze apartments in a manufacturing area, which zoning prohibits.

Sea Breeze sailed past L.A. city planners and appointees who tried to stop the wildly inappropriate “zone change.” Meanwhile, $600,000 appeared in the coffers of the City Hall elected leaders who pushed it through.

The Coalition request, being delivered to Brandon Fox, Asst. U.S. Attorney; Attorney General Kamala Harris’s Special Investigations Team; and Lacey, says in part:

“We request you investigate evidence, in the Times piece, of money-laundering to benefit politicians, a criminal act. …

“In addition to the appearance, and possible reality, of vote-selling and money laundering involving Los Angeles city officials in the Sea Breeze and other controversial “spot zoning” changes, we believe there is strong evidence that elected officials are illegally disregarding the Los Angeles City Charter in order to pursue “spot zoning” that financially advantages the very elected officials and other officials who give these approvals. …

“We believe an investigation into L.A.’s spot zoning is justified and request it be done. California Government Code section 1222, Willful Omission to Perform Duty, states: ‘Every willful omission to perform any duty enjoined by law upon any public officer, or person holding any public trust or employment, where no special provision is made for the punishment of such delinquency, is punishable as a misdemeanor.’”

L.A. leaders who fight “spot zoning” that gridlock our streets, ruins neighborhood character and is displacing thousands of families and businesses, are demanding this broad, outside, fully independent investigation.

Damien Goodmon, executive director of the nonprofit Crenshaw Subway Coalition, said, “Bring in the independent special prosecutor.”

Cindy Chvatal, president of the Hancock Park Homeowners Association, said, “An outside investigation of spot zoning and campaign donation practices at City Hall is desperately needed. The city cannot investigate itself, we need a complete, independent investigation.”

Richard Close, president of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association, said, “Residents of the San Fernando Valley have long suspected that votes were for sale at City Hall. The Los Angeles Times article proves that developers can purchase votes with campaign contributions.”

Learn more at

What scares City Hall? Money

Donate, and do good.


Is Mayor Garcetti Willing to Sell Us Out on Ballot Measure JJJ?

Is Mayor Garcetti Willing to Sell Us Out on Ballot Measure JJJ?


24 OCTOBER 2016

LA WATCHDOG–Last week, the Times Editorial Board rightfully criticized Mayor Eric Garcetti for not taking a position on Build Better LA (Measure JJJ, the Affordable Housing and Labor Standards Relating to City Planning), saying we “need straight talk from [our] City leaders” and “now’s the time for them to come out of hiding on Measure JJJ.”

The measure’s sponsor and major proponent, the politically powerful Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, claims that Build Better LA will create more affordable housing and more well-paying construction jobs.

The truth is that if JJJ is approved by the voters, it will stymie the development of multifamily residential housing, create fewer jobs, make affordable and market rate housing more expensive, and deprive the City of much needed revenues.

And given the loopholes in Build Better LA that allow the City Council to amend this initiative and the massive amounts of cash involved, there is the potential for mischief and corruption.

If passed, developers who want a zoning, height, or density change will be required to have up to 25% of the project’s units be affordable for low and moderate income tenants.  But inclusionary housing, especially at the levels dictated by JJJ, is not a free lunch …………………

El Pueblo Historical Monument – Make Music LA Event: June 21 from 12-2pm

El Pueblo Historical Monument – Make Music LA Event: June 21 from 12-2pm

Join us on your lunch break for Make Music LA’s Guitar Mass Appeal event here at El Pueblo Historical Monument on Tuesday, June 21st starting at noon. This event is free and open to the public!

Make Music LA is a live, free musical celebration on Tuesday, June 21st with concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the county.

El Pueblo Historical Monument is one of the three sites here in Los Angeles that is part of Make Music LA’s Mass Appeal program.

Please visit Make Music Los Angeles’s website & see attached event flyer for more information. In addition, please feel free to share this event information & event flyer with other colleagues, friends, and family who may be interested in the programming as well. Thank you!

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