VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting – July 19, 2016

VNNC PLUM Committee Meeting Agenda

July 19, 2016 (Tuesday 6:30- 8:30 pm)

Van Nuys Constituents Center

6262 Van Nuys Blvd., Room 2b on the Second Floor

Van Nuys, CA 91401

  1. Call To Order & Pledge Of Allegiance To the United States of America.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum Call)
  3. Comments from the Chair — Speaker’s Times, Cell Phones, Conversations, Correspondence Received and approval of minutes. Introductions of first time attending stakeholders. *Speaker Cards: 2, minutes, 2 Public Comment Times. (This includes speaker cards on agenda items — a limit of 10 minutes for the entire meeting per stakeholder.)
  4. Public Comment (On matters within the VNNC Board’s Jurisdiction.)
  5. Old Business:
    1. None
  6. New Business:
    1. Administration Item. Update on VNNC PLUM Committee Roster. VNNC PLUM Committee to vote on the update for the roster of the Planning and Land Use Committee.
    2. 7055 N. Lennox Ave. Variance – Adjustment on Density. Requesting zone variance to permit an additional 3 units for a total of 152 units in lieu of 112.36 allowed by the current zone [Q] R3-1. Case #: ZA-2016-1161-ZV. (Octavio Perez/ Octavio Designs) Supporting Documents: Arch Drawings Master Land Use Application Photo Board Vin Map
    3. 6001-6059 Van Nuys Blvd., 14514-14553 Oxnard Street, 14500- 14552 Aetna Street, 6054 Vesper Ave. Proposal for a Mixed-Use Residential and Commercial Building. A proposal for a new 5-Story, 73’ in height, transit-oriented mixed-used building with 384 units, +/- 17,000 ground floor commercial (retail & restaurant) use. Case #: CPC-2016-2232-GPA-ZC-HD-SPR. (Brad Rosenheim/ Rosenheim & Associates). Supporting Docs. 1. 6001 Van Nuys – DCP Application 2. 6001 Van Nuys – GPA Initiation Form – Signed 12-18-2015 3. 6001 Van Nuys – EAF 4. 6001 Van Nuys – Subdivider’s Statement – Final 6-21-2016 5. 6001 Van Nuys – Attachment A – Background – Final 6-22-2016 6. 6001 Van Nuys – Attachment B – Entitlement Requests – Final 6-22-2016 7. 6001 Van Nuys – Attachment C – VTTM Findings – Final 6-22-2016 8. 6001 Van Nuys – SPR Form – 6-22-2016 9. 6001 Van Nuys – Photo Exhibit – Final 5-26-2016 10. Vicinity Map 11. Radius Map 12. EXISTING COMMUNITY PLAN EXHIBIT – COLOR 13. PROPOSED COMMUNITY PLAN EXHIBIT – COLOR 14. EXISTING & PROPOSED ZONING EXHIBIT- COLOR 15. 6001 Van Nuys – Plans (All) – FINAL 6-10-2016 16. 6001 Van Nuys – VTTM 73682 – Final 6-21-2016. Omitted from the Agenda.
    4. 14557 Haynes Street. Create an Ad-Hoc Committee to discus and work with the developer for the proposed mixed-use building. Motion and action.
  7. Public Comments
  8. Announcements
  9. Adjourn

2016-7-19-VNNC PLUM Committee Meeting

SCAQMD 2016 AQMP Public Workshops

SCAQMD 2016 AQMP Public Workshops

Dear 2016 AQMP Stakeholders & Interested Parties:

The Draft 2016 Air Quality Management Plan (AQMP) was released to the public on June 30, 2016. As part of the process to receive feedback and comments for the Revised Draft, six public workshops have been scheduled to take place beginning on Thursday, July 14, 2016. These workshops will also serve as scoping meetings for the socioeconomic analysis of the 2016 AQMP.

For your convenience, the meeting taking place at SCAQMD’s headquarters will be webcast. During the webcast, interested parties will be able to submit questions about the 2016 AQMP for staff’s response. Please find below the meeting details, as well as how to access the webcast and how to submit your questions.

2016 AQMP Public Workshop – SCAQMD HQ (Diamond Bar, CA)
Thursday, July 14, 2016 – 6:00 PM PT

To access the webcast, please visit: on the date and time listed above. The public workshop link will be listed under the “Live Webcasts” section. To submit questions for staff response during the webcast, please email your questions to When submitting questions via email, please be sure to provide your name and organization.

Please find below information for the other public workshops scheduled for the 2016 AQMP:


More information on the 2016 AQMP can be found online at:

For more information, please contact:

Michael Krause
Planning & Rules Manager
(909) 396-2706

“Gateway to Nature Center” opening at El Pueblo Historical Monument – August 27, 2016

Invitation to 235th City of LA Birthday & Sneak media preview of new “Gateway to Nature Center” opening at El Pueblo Historical Monument

We would like to invite you to join us on Saturday, August 27, 2016 to celebrate the City’s 235th birthday and, a sneak preview of the soon to open “Gateway to Nature Center” here at El Pueblo(please see attached flyer).

The new Center is a partnership between El Pueblo, Western National Parks Association and the US Forest Service. Nature exhibits and environmental programming featuring our National Parks and US Forests will be highlighted within the “Gateway to Nature Center”. The goal and objective of the Center will be to educate and connect diverse urban communities to our open public lands.

Joining us will be LA County Supervisor Michael Antonovich, several LA City Councilmembers (Mayor Garcetti pending), Mayor and several Councilmembers of the City of San Gabriel, Washington dignitaries from Department of Agriculture and Interior. Also, we anticipate over 600 community leaders and general public participating in both the walk and bike ride from the San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo. The historic route will be the same one taken in 1781 by the original 44 settlers who founded the City of LA.

Below is an overview of activities taking place on August 27th:

6:30 am – Walk begins from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo (9 miles)
7:30 am – Bike ride begins from San Gabriel Mission to El Pueblo (9 miles)
9:45 am – Ceremonial walk from Union Station into El Pueblo with all participants and VIP’s – Media presence
10:00 am – Official program begins at El Pueblo Kisoko Plaza (gazebo) – Media presence
10:20 am – Cake for 235th birthday (photo op and media presence)
10:25 am – Ribbon cutting and sneak preview of “Gateway to Nature Center” (photo op and media presence)
10:40 am – Entertainment (music and dance programming until 1pm)
11:30 am – Special presentation in the Pico House “The People’s Pueblo: LA during the Jim Crow Era”
1:00 pm – Event ends

We hope to see you there!

Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Legislative Information Committee – July 16, 2016

Van Nuys Neighborhood Council Legislative Information Committee

PO Box 3118, Van Nuys, California 91407

Regular Meeting: Los Angeles Police Department, 6240 Sylmar Avenue, California 91401 Community Room/Main Lobby Date: Saturday, July 16, 2016 – Time: 10:00AM to 11:15AM

  3. COMMISSION ANNOUNCEMENTS AND REPORTING BY COMMISSION. Brief announcements by Commissioners and brief reports regarding activities.
  4. ORAL COMMUNICATION. Legislative Advisory Committee (LIC) to provide and forward findings, not conclusions, within the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council’s interest on legislation and legislative intent that is not on the agenda. A speaker card must be completed and presented to any committee member.
  5. COMMISSION RESPONSE TO PUBLIC COMMENTS The Commission cannot act on items raised during public comment, but may briefly respond to statement made or questions posed, request clarification, or refer the item to staff.
    • a. Procedures and qualifications to become a City of Los Angeles, Department of Neighborhood Empowerment approved vendor
    • b. Notice and wording requirements for agendas, committee referrals, motions, cancellations and resolutions under the California Brown Act (California Government Code, § 54950, et seq.).
    • c. Court reporter and electronic transcription at public meetings
    • d. Procedures and qualifications for VNNC’s1 Purchasing Card (P-Card) spending cap to increase from $500.00 to $2,500.00 for a single transaction
    • e. Updating the VNNC’s PO Box mailing address zip from 91307 to 91407 on notices
    • f. Rules and procedures referring a motion to a committee(s)
    • g. Transfer custody of the VNNC’s records from the former secretary to the current secretary

Agenda July 16, 2016

VNNC Budget and Finance Committee – July 13, 2016 @ 6:00 pm

VNNC Budget and Finance Committee

July 13, 2016 at 6:00pm

Van Nuys Constituents Center, Conference Room

6262 Van Nuys Blvd. Conference Room 1A

Van Nuys, CA 91401-2707

  1. Call to Order & Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum Call)
  3. Comments from the Chair — Speaker’s Times, Cell Phones, Conversations, Correspondence Received and approval of minutes. Introductions of first time attending stakeholders. *Speaker Cards: 2, minutes, 2 Public Comment Times. (This includes speaker cards on agenda items — a limit of 10 minutes for the entire meeting per stakeholder.)
  4. Public Comment (On matters within the VNNC Board’s Jurisdiction.)
  5. Old Business:
    • A. Establish Officers. Call for any and all interested board members to volunteer to join the Budget & Finance Committee so that said Committee might thereafter discuss, adjust, amend, set and approve the annual budget for 2016-2017.
  6. New Business:
    • A. Treasurer’s Report
    • B. Open the discussion for the Strategy procedure on the 2016 -2017 Annual Budget.
    • C. Establish next year’s adjusted new budget allocations.
    • D. To set a date for Physical Inventory of VNNC Storage unit, to name the members in charge of Physical Inventory report and to set up a due date for same report.
    • E. To name the new Budget and Finance Advocate Representative for the Van Nuys Council.
    • F. This representative will attend the Budget Day July 31st and Present suggestions to the Budget Board at City Hall.
  7. Public Comments
  8. Announcements
  9. Adjournment

Budget and Finance Committee July Meeting

VNNC Outreach Committee Chair – Maria Skelton

IMG_44291 IMG_46191

I must say thanks to Game for doing his part of trying to calm people down. He went above and beyond what a actor/rapper would do. I’m so glad that people are now able to see him the way I do. A caring and God fearing young man. People just don’t know that  when i was in my time of need. He was there for me.

so, I’ll always call him my friend. All of the good that he have done is never reported. This is a true reason why people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

And thanks to Snoop too.

Thanks you Mayor for meeting and listening to two men that has a lot of influence on the youth. Agape.

VNNC July General Meeting Agenda – July 13, 2016 @ 7:00 pm.

6709 Sepulveda Blvd.Drawings-4

6719-6705 N. Sepulveda Blvd (former Ridge Motel location)

VNNC General Meeting Agenda

July 13, 2016 (Wednesday, 7:00-10:00 pm)

Van Nuys Constituents Center Conference Room

6226 Van Nuys Blvd. Conference Room 1A

Van Nuys, CA 91401-27

  1. Call To Order & Pledge Of Allegiance To the United States of America.
  2. Roll Call (Quorum Call)
  3. Comments from the Chair –Speaker’s Times, Cell Phones, Conversations, Correspondence Received and approval of minutes. Introductions of first time attending stakeholders. *Speaker Cards: 2, minutes, 2 Public Comment Times. (This includes speaker cards on agenda items — a limit of 10 minutes for the entire meeting per stakeholder.)
  4. Public Comment (On matters within the VNNC Board’s Jurisdiction.)
  5. Old Business:
    • A. none
  6. New Business:
    • A. Presentation by candidate Marcela Rodriguez to be followed by election for one (1) open non-profit seat on the Council Board.
    • B. Presentation by Outreach Chair Maria Skelton, reviewing the recent activities of the Outreach Committee.
    • C. Discussion on the feasibility of the VNNC renting local office space for the purpose of establishing an ongoing VNNC office.
    • D. Discussion on the feasibility of creating a map of local establishments and eateries to be made available by the Los Angeles Superior Court to visitors, jurors, and other various patrons of the Van Nuys Courts so as to stimulate local businesses (John Hendry)
    • E. Anna Huizar of the City of LA Office of Community Beautification to speak on community cleanup tools, graffiti abatement, bulky item pickup, and other similar services offered by the City.
    • F. Discussion in regards to doing community cleanups in the Van Nuys District area and the possibility of partnering with Public Works and the City Council.
    • G. 6719-6705 N. Sepulveda Blvd. On Menu Incentive For Affordable Housing. The demolition of an existing motel, less than 50 units, consisting of (2) one-story buildings and (1) two-story building in order to construct a new 3 story, 44 unit residential apartment building over on grade parking. (Armin Gharai of GA Engineering, Inc.) Supporting Docs.: 6709 Sepulveda Blvd.Drawings Master Land Use Application Photoboard Letter of justification Vin Map
    • H. 6533 Columbus Ave.Propose for 5 single family homes in a R-1-1RIO zone property. Asking for a letter of support. No Case # available. (Boaz Miodovsky/Ketter Designs)
    • I. 14557 Haynes Street. Develop 64 unit apartments with retail store. Zone change (ZC) from [Q] P1-1VL-CDO to RAS4 to develop a 64 or 68- unit apartment building with retail store on the ground floor. Retail store= 7400 Sq. Ft. Case No.: CPC-2015-2597 (Michael Braun) Supporting Docs.: A1.0-SITEPLAN-Layout1 A2.0-UNDERGROUNDPARKPLN-Layout1 A2.1-GROUNDFLRPLN-Layout1 A2.2-FIRSTFLRPLN-Layout1 A2.3-SECONDFLRPLNFLRPLN-Layout1 A2.4-THIRDFLRPLN-Layout1 A3.0-ROOFPLN-Layout1 A4.1-ELEVATIONS_recover-Layout1 A5.0-SECTIONS-Layout1 14557 Haynes – Master Land Use Appl w case number14557 Haynes – Photo Key Map 14557 Haynes – Photos-Layout1 14557 Haynes-Radius Map
    • J. 14626 Raymer Street. Renewal of Conditional Use Permit for Adult Cabaret/ Entertainment w/ Alcohol Beverage. Asking for a letter of support. No Case ZA-2013-0819-CUB-PA1. (Peter Garrell/ Garrell Law, PC) Supporting documents: Arch Drawings Condition Compliance one year Plan Review Findings Master Land Use Application Pre-application reasearch
    • L. The VNNC to discuss a motion to implement a consent calendar comprised of items that pass unanimously through committees; items pulled from the consent calendar will go to the end of business: Consent Calendar Standing Committee Descriptions (From 5/29/16 Government Relations/Rules & Bylaws Committee Meeting:
      • A) Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM): Committee reviews and makes recommendations regarding all Planning and Land Use issues within the boundaries of the VNNC. All members of the PLUM Committee must complete Ethics Training (Anand/Ackerman).
      • B) Budget and Finance Committee: Reviews and makes recommendations regarding all fiscal issues before the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC). All members of the Budget and Finance Committee are required to complete theTreasurer Training.
      • C) Public Health and Safety: Reviews and makes recommendations regarding all Public Health and Safety issues before theVan Nuys Neighborhood Council(VNNC). Such issues include crime, homelessness, and sanitation (Richard Hopp / Jacob Lynn).
      • D) Outreach and Communications: Oversees all outreach and marketing communications issues for theVan Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC). Such issues may include special events and website maintenance.
      • E) Government Relations, Rules, and Bylaws Committee: Reviews and makes recommendations regarding all Government Relations, Rules, and Bylaws issues before the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC). Such issues include revisions to the Standing Rules and Bylaws and recommending Community Impact Statements (Anand/Ackerman).
      • F) Sustainability, Transportation, and Public Spaces Committee: Reviews and makes recommendations regarding all Sustainability, Transportation, and Public Spaces issues before the Van Nuys Neighborhood Council (VNNC). Such issues may include parks, transit, mobility, sidewalks, and sustainability (Ackerman/Anand).
  7. Community Impact Statements
    • A) The VNNC to submit Community Impact Statements (CIS) in support of the following Council Files:CF 15-0524 (Wesson-O’Farrell). Plan for a Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils”andCF 15-0389 “(Wesson-Krekorian)Neighborhood Councils Representatives / Addressing City Council, Commissions or Boards / Sufficient Presenting Time”
      • -Motion to allow Neighborhood Council Board Members at least five (5) minutes of public comment when speaking to Los AngelesCity Council on an item for which the neighborhood council has filed a CIS, including possible amendment to the Council Rules,allowing for official representatives of Neighborhood Councils or Neighborhood Council Alliances to address the City Council, its committees, city commissions, and boards with sufficient time to present the official view of their Neighborhood Council Boards or Alliances. MOTION: The VNNC supports CF 15-0524 (Wesson-O’Farrell) and CF 15-0389 “(Wesson-Krekorian) with the condition that authorized speaker(s) be allowed to speak at the same meeting for which the item is agendized (Anand/Jeff Lynn).
  8. Public Comments
  9. Announcements
  10. Adjourment

PlanCheckNC Meeting – Tomorrow, Saturday (July 9th) @ Reseda

PlanCheckNC Meeting

Saturday @ 10 a.m. in Reseda: Metro’s Master Plan for Transportation Improvements. Also, updates on upcoming hearings and ordinances will be presented.

Metro’s Master Plan will be on the November ballot. Presented by Jody F. Litvak, Director, Community & Municipal Affairs, Metro Los Angeles this is an opportunity to be more informed about this pending ballot measure and the improvements in the planned for the City of Los Angeles. After the presentation there will be time for Q&A.

PlanCheckNC will also present updates on pending ordinances and hearings.

Meeting will be held at Reseda Community Space, 18118 Sherman Way, Reseda 91335

Be informed, come out to PlanCheckNC’s meeting tomorrow morning at 10 a.m. – 12 noon. Stay for the NC Sustainability Alliance which will be 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Participation at PlanCheckNC gives you the knowledge and tools to take back to your communities immediately. Join us!

PlanCheckNC was created by Neighborhood Council stakeholders to promote more stakeholder participation in planning and land use issues and make government more responsive to local community needs. The purpose of PlanCheckNC is to help Neighborhood Councils and their stakeholders have the knowledge and tools to develop a vision reflective of the values of neighborhood residents and to develop and implement a land use framework that enables all stakeholders to feel that they are a part of the community– supported, safe and valued by the community.

The Fireworks are Over! from Animal Services

The Fireworks are Over!

The Dogs and Cats are barking & purring their approval.

Los Angeles, July 6, 2016 – Every year around the Fourth of July, animal shelters fill to capacity with lost pets spooked by the loud sounds of fireworks. During this challenging time, available shelter space can be the life-saving difference.

In just four days, with the help of adopters, volunteers, staff, community partners and adoption partners, the shelters were able to place over 700 dogs and cats from our six City shelters to create the critical space needed. 421 of these dogs and cats were adopted into homes of their own – an increase over 240 adoptions last year.

Thank YOU Los Angeles animal lovers. With your amazing help, we were able to create the life-saving space for 667 dogs and cats who came into the City shelters over the holiday weekend. Besides adoptions, 161 dogs and cats were placed into temporary foster homes giving them a break from the shelter environment and home care that does so much to help prepare them for a future good home.

The dogs and cats are especially grateful for reduced adoption fees for dogs, puppies and kittens subsidized by Best Friends Animal Society and the 100% underwritten adoption fees for cats over 4 months courtesy of a generous ASPCA grant.

Brenda Barnette, LA Animal Services General Manager said, “Our East Valley Shelter staff and volunteers came up with this excellent idea to recruit temporary foster volunteers, which was a huge success last year. We wanted to bring this life-saving campaign to all six shelters this year.”

The immediate next step for the influx of animals at the shelters is to reunite them with their families. If you lost your pet, here are some tips to help you find your four legged companion:

  • Visit the closest shelter and neighborhood emergency clinics.
  • Post pictures and posters in the area where you last saw your pet and offer a reward.
  • Walk your neighborhood (or area lost) and talk to people. Sometimes people take strays in not realizing that they need to go the shelter so you can find them.
  • Don’t give up.

LA Animal Services holds animals for five days not counting weekends before making them available for adoption. Stray pets are checked for microchips, license tags and name tags. Photos of incoming animals are posted online at:

The LA Animal Services shelters are open Tuesday through Saturday from
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To find the shelter closest to you, or call (888) 452-7381.

Orange Line Transit Neighborhood Plans for Van Nuys & Sepulveda Stations Workshop – July 11 @ 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Orange Line Transit Neighborhood Plans: Upcoming Community Workshops

Calling all local residents, employees, businesses, property owners, and community organizations!

The City Planning Department is pleased to announce a series of Community Workshops as part of the Orange Line Transit Neighborhood Plans project. These four workshops will focus on the areas around five stations along the Metro Orange Line — North Hollywood Station, Van Nuys Station, Sepulveda Station, Reseda Station, and Sherman Way Station.

The Neighborhood Council areas that we are targeting for our workshops are: MidTown North Hollywood NC, Van Nuys NC, Tarzana NC, and Canoga Park NC. Additionally, however, we welcome any South Valley residents, Orange Line users, or other interested parties and stakeholders.

Each workshop will include a presentation from the City Planning Department followed by small breakout sessions for Land Use, Urban Design, and Mobility & Parking, which will provide participants the opportunity to speak and share specific ideas about future development in these neighborhoods. We hope you can make it and please invite your friends!

  • Van Nuys & Sepulveda Stations: Monday, July 11th from 6-8pm at the Marvin Braude Building, Community Room
  • Sherman Way Station: Wednesday, July 13th from 5:30-7:30pm at the Canoga Park Branch Library
  • North Hollywood Station: Wednesday, July 20th from 6-8pm at the North Hollywood Senior Center
  • Reseda Station: Saturday, July 23rd from 10am-12pm at Columbia College Hollywood

Each workshop will concentrate on a specific station of stations, though participants will be encouraged to provide feedback on all five stations. Please see the attached flyer for more information. We look forward to seeing you there!

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