VNNC Joint Board and Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting – September 20, 2017 @ 6:30 pm

Joint Board and VNNC Planning and Land Use Committee

Meeting Agenda

September 20, 2017 (Wednesday 6:30- 9:30 pm)

Van Nuys Community Police Station

6240 Sylmar Ave. Conference room

Van Nuys, CA 91401

  1. WELCOMING REMARKS: (10 minutes)
    1. Call to order
    2. Pledge of allegiance
    3. Committee roll call
  3. PRESENTATIONS:(10 minutes)None
  4. ADMINISTRATIVE ITEMS:  (5 minutes)Review and adoption of minutes
  5. MOTIONS & RESOLUTIONS: (2.5 hours)
    • A. Discussion and Possible Action. The Van Nuys Planning and Land Committee will consider to elect Ms. Heather Lee to be an official board member to the Planning and Land Use Committee.
    • B. Discussion and Possible Action. The Van Nuys Planning and Land Committee will consider to elect Ms. Ayndrea Wilson to be an official board member to the Planning and Land Use Committee.
    • C. Discussion and Possible Action. 14950 Vose Street. 3 Single Family dwellings. Existing SFD to be demolish for creation of three single family dwellings. Requesting a preliminary parcel map for 3 single Family dwellings. Case no#: not available. (Steve Zazemi/ DHS & Associates, Inc..) 2017_09_06_15_03_02
    • D. Discussion and Possible Action. 14019 Vanowen Street, 8 unit Apartment. Case no#. not available (Ken Stockton/ Ken Stockton Architects.2017_09_06_15_04_53
    • E. Discussion and Possible Action. 7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd., Cali Viejo Restaurant, Conditional Use Beverage for the sale of Alcohol. Change of use and hours of operation. Requesting to extend the hours of operation and allow live entertainment with dancing in conjunction with an existing restaurant beer and wine on-site consumption with 144 seats in a 3057 SF building. Case no#: ZA-2017-3318- CUB (Alicia Mendosa/ Avanty Services) arch_drawings-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd Findings-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd MLU-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd Pre-application-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd Notice of Exemption-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd_2Photo_Board-7361-7363 Van Nuys Blvd
    • F. Discussion. East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor., Proposed mass transit of 4 alternative options along Van Nuys Blvd., The committee will discuss the recent release of Metro’s report for East San Fernando Valley Transit Corridor. (PLUM Committee Board member Jerry Martin) Link
    • G. Discussion and Possible Action. Metro Bus service within Van Nuys area. The discussion will be on the service routes of LADOT DASH service, Metro Bus service and other transit service within the Van Nuys jurisdiction and other Metro issues like parking and related issues to transit. (PLUM Committee Board member Jerry Martin).
    • H. Discussion. Committee will discuss MTA and the city’s use of eminent domain and its effects from it in regards to the community and business. (Brad Balduff/ Atwater Village Neighbor Council)
  6. ANNOUNCEMENTS (5 minutes)

2017-9-20_Planning and Land Use Committee Meeting

Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) Review of Kitroom and Cadet Program Procedures


In June 2017, LAPD officers arrested three Department cadets for theft of three Department vehicles.  As a result of that incident, the Board of Police Commissioners directed the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to conduct a review of both the Department’s kitroom and Cadet Program procedures, and to report results in a timely manner.

To conduct the review, the OIG visited 23 LAPD divisions to contact kitroom personnel and Youth Service Officers.  This report contains anecdotal information obtained from those reviews.  The OIG also met with or corresponded with staff officers from both the Office of Operations (OO) and the Office of Constitutional Policing and Policy (OCPP).

The OIG identified several issues regarding the issuing and controlling of kitroom equipment.  The OIG met with OO, who also independently identified essentially the same issues.  The OIG made three recommendations regarding kitroom procedures, and the OIG is involved with an OO working group tasked with continued improvement of kitroom operations.

The OIG also identified multiple issues with the Cadet Program, and in correspondence, learned that OCPP independently identified most of the same issues.  The OIG made 13 recommendations regarding the Cadet Program, also contained in this report.

The attached report was considered and approved at this morning’s regular meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Thank you for your interest in the Office of the Inspector General.


Julie Buchwald, Community Relations Coordinator, OIG